4 Player Online The Minimum In PES 2009

"The PellUK guys have done it again!

After providing us with some amazing leaks over the past few weeks, they have released information regarding the online mode. While most of us would be content with a properly working online, I'm happy to say PellUK have been told that 2 vs 2 is the minimum Konami will be serving up this year!

This post gets WENB's endorsement, these guys are on the money and certainly know what they're talking about. So whether its 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 1, 4 players will definitely be playing online this year. There's a good possibility that this number will grow, but ONLY if Konami are confident it will be achieved without any lag.

Read the article here.

So once again, thanks to Sparky and PellUK for the news! "

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elitewh0re3726d ago

this is great news, my flatmates will love that!!

siarraweb3726d ago

err.. but we will have 1 vs 1 right? :p

elitewh0re3726d ago

haha fair point, didn't really look at it that way. :P

jromao3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

And the second option isn't possible at all.

Since when 4 vs 4 is the minimum for online gaming ? Where are the 1 vs 1 used in worldwide tournaments and friendly matches ?

If you read the forum post, it says "...2vs2 is definitely in pes2009 online....",

easy to understand, means it's included, BUT 4 vs 4 IS NOT the minimum.

shine13963726d ago do know that's just the goal they're setting. oh forgot this...