Exclusive: PES 2009 Launches in North America November 12th!

"To all our dear North American viewers, its been a great day and this year your loyalty to Konami will be rewarded with a much much earlier release date. November 12th baby! Thanks to a very close friend of W.E.N.B. who got this news for us exclusively and hot off the press. We will be following this one up shortly…."

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DivDee3720d ago

Get it over here first!

avacadosnorkel3720d ago

PES loses another year this year too

Blood_Spiller3720d ago

As much as I love the PES franchise last years iteration left a bad taste in my mouth so I'll probably pick up Fifa this year.

Harry1903720d ago

The new engine is not ready for Pro Evo yet. It will come next year and I am going with Fifa once again too.

Bazookajoe_833720d ago

Pes had some serious frame rate problem and the online was unplayable. If they make a demo and it show´s some potential i could consider switching back...

krakdol3719d ago

Same thing here. I was a pro evo fan but last year honestly fifa was better, so now I play Fifa. The latest version 'UEFA Euro 2008' extended the lead (play it if you can, most Fifa 08 defaults have already been fixed, it's faster and more responsive).

I doubt Pro Evo can reclaim the crown as soon as this year, but maybe next year they'll have a great next gen version.