The Nintendo gaming world awaits another Mario

After Shigeru Miyamoto developed a love of puzzles, the "brain-training" software that has proved to be an international "killer application" on the Nintendo DS console was born.

He became interested in taking more exercise, and Wii Fit was created. He took up music lessons, and Wii Music was the result. Now, according to sources at Nintendo, the games designer has been banned by the company from speaking publicly about his hobbies.

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TruthbeTold3721d ago

After we saw him checking out/playing non Nintendo games and what-not at E3, maybe Miyamoto-san will take up playing Hardcore games again as his next hobby...

Fadixon3720d ago

can they do that to the man who made nintendo as it is today ??

SmokingMonkey3720d ago

Reggi even said about LBP "this game belongs on a Nintendo"
imagine a SuperMarioWorld type game where there are hundreds of levels and a level editor half that of LBP and you would have one hell of a Mario game.

thePatriot3720d ago

put a little red hat and blu pants on a sack boy (and a mustache)
thats all ther is to it.

Product3720d ago

The only reason why he said that is because its true...its a casual game.What is a casual game doign on ps3?and why is it sony fans can bash a mario casual game but if there is a casual game on the ps3 its praised?

madjedi3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

Maybe because it isn't the same game, done again for the 100th time, seriously just how long can they milk the mario franchise to death. With mario soccer, mario sluggers, mario party 20 ect, at least with galaxy and its predescors it is reasonable.

Could it maybe be after 23 yrs of mario games people are tired of him or link or even samus? Although i wouldn't really consider a metroid game casual.

Nintendo is very good about ignoring requests to make new ips for gamers wii-branded mini games don't cut it. Although day of disaster could be the exception, assuming it isn't dead. Actually take a look at the ps2's catalog you will see casual games on it.

While the ps3 is primarily a hardcore console now, it is not going to ignore casual gamers, also unlike nintendo it isn't going to screw over loyal fans to cater to new market/casuals.

The fact that it is a casual game is irrelevant, typically hardcore owners can be interested in casual games as well, it's just they don't nesscarily want to drowning in them like with the wii.
More than likely the creativity and interactivity lvl, is what is gaining it universal appeal from both casuals and hardcore people.

And this is the one of the few casual retail games i hear ps3 owners talking about, just because it is a casual game on the ps3 doesn't mean it gets praised automatically.
Most gamers i know give praise, if they believe a game earns it regardless of casual/hardcore. Psn has a good selection of games, several that fit the casual definition that are fun.

So how long before nintendo ripoffs media molecule's idea, and releases a mario world game, that takes alot of ideas from lbp ie create your on levels ect.?

I give it 6 months to a year tops.

Product3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

You think Sony cares about its customers?Sony cares about money of coarse sony cares about its casual gamers.........look at all the money being made from Nintendo from that market,you dont think sony wants some of that?

and you think level creation is new? and dont even get me started on what sony has stole.

madjedi3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

Wow that hit a nerve, of course sony wants money, but i don't think they would go as far as nintendo has and alienate their core base just to make money quickly. Sony is more interested in the 5-10 yr outlook, sony cares about it's customers(large scale) ie makes thing we want to buy, because they want our money.

In regards to games i know of rpg makers, fighter makers and map editors, as for don't get you started on what sony has stolen, get over yourself.

Nintendo is hardly a saint, if it is a useful idea that could benefit their product steal/implementing it is almost a given assuming they can work out a deal with the patent holder.

This applies to all companies, i was only referring to how long before nintendo released their own version of lbp.