Console Obsession reviews Buzz! Quiz TV - 9/10

The article writes:-

"A Sofa vs. Sofa online mode was supposed to allow teams of players in one room to go against teams of other players online, although sadly this isn't the case. You can still sort of play in teams, as you could always put your heads together before the buzzer handler answers the question. More heads are better than one anyway, particularly if it's a stupid one. Those unhappy about this falsely advertised mode will be glad to learn that a patch (which will also introduce trophies to the game) is in the works to allow for additional buzzers to be used.

Other flaws are few, but perhaps the game could have done with some more customisation options (you can't even set the length of each game) and it might have also benefited from a few extra rounds. One of the most glaring flaws is that being a Blu-Ray disc I would have certainly expected more than 5000 (a number that is shared in every single Buzz! game) questions. If you've got the extra space, why not make use of at least some of it?

Nevertheless I came into Buzz! Quiz TV as a series virgin and came back out with a big grin on my face. The game is fantastic in itself (particularly played in a group as it's a rather lonely experience otherwise), but there's also so many possibilities with creating and downloading questions, and so much fun and humour to be found in the rounds that it makes for one of the PS3's best games. The series has definitely managed to remove a barrier that so often divides those who play games and those who don't, and I've now seen the proof myself, that within mere minutes, absolutely anyone can get hooked on Buzz! "

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