Ace Games Preview: SBK-08 Superbike World Championship

From the preview: "The tracks, of which there are twelve, recreate the likes of Donington Park, Monza and other haunts familiar to those of a two-wheeled persuasion, whilst the fully licensed bikes, from the likes of Yamaha and Kawasaki, take things one level further, especially for those who know their Ducati Sterilgardas from their Ducati Guandalinis.

The detail here isn't limited to superficialities such as the accurate reproductions of paint jobs and sponsors logos though; the ability to alter components such as gears, suspension and steering and the presence of a pit crew, including an engineer, to feed back on performance and advise on bike set up will all help to achieve the best results on each circuit. These are features that, along with the revised handling, are central to a game that appears to be aiming itself at true fans whilst still containing enough optional concessions, such as an arcade setting, for more casual players. A contrast then to last year's release, which appeared slightly skewed in the opposite direction."

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