PS3 Laptop - Playstation 3 Portable

- 80gb SKU w/320gb HDD
- 17" 720p HDTV LCD Monitor
- Keyboard
- Built in speakers with headphone jack
- Custom cooling (SilenX fans)
- Size: 16 x 10.5 x 4 inches (when closed)
- Weight: 15 pounds

Photos & video in the source.

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SuperTanker5036d ago

The 500GB samsung does work in the ps3. I have one in mine. Just make sure it's the 9.5mm drive, and you're good to go.


all of a sudden my car needs a new interior toy. funny how shiny, new electronics own my soul.

watchem5035d ago

Epic Music for a epic machine

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dro5036d ago

how the f did he make that :O

tweaker5035d ago (Edited 5035d ago )

That's crazy huh.

ThanatosDMC5035d ago

I'd totally buy one just because it's "portable" like that!

Overr8ed5036d ago (Edited 5036d ago )

Sweet i wonder how much it cost and the amount of power it sucks.

And a really tried of hearing that Song in every Fricking youtube Video, Stop with that SONG!!!!

Max Power5036d ago (Edited 5036d ago )

car battery to power this behemoth on the road (this is not fact, just kidding around)

user8586215036d ago

Looks like a beast!!! :D

jerethdagryphon5036d ago

that seems more like a merger of tech then a true revbuild nice but ben heck could do better

Overr8ed5036d ago

@ Fishy

Wow that cool, can you really keep playing your game if you take out the Disc!?

rockleex5035d ago

[email protected] first ten seconds of video.

He wins many of my internets for doing that. ^_^

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The story is too old to be commented.