Fallout 4 Has More Players Than Any Other Game on Steam Right Now

The long-awaited release of Bethesda's Fallout 4 came to an end on the stroke of midnight on Tuesday, and shortly after its release on Steam, the open-world RPG amassed more than 290,000 concurrent players.

That brings Fallout 4 within distance of the peak Steam concurrent user record set by Grand Theft Auto V, which in April brought more than 300,000 players on Valve's PC platform. Later it went on to set an even bigger record, according to independent monitor Steam Charts, with 360,000 peak players.

GTA 5's record had, incidentally, broken the previous benchmark set by another Bethesda game, Skyrim, which shipped in 2011 and drew in about 280,000 users.

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ifinitygamer3167d ago

Crazy. Fallout 4 has 12x the number of players as Call of Duty: Black Ops III. Twelve! Bonkers.

Erik73573167d ago

It's funny how civ 5 is still more played than beyond earth.

Perjoss3167d ago

Civ games have a rep for being a bit void of features and content when a new one comes out, they feel a lot more fleshed out once some expansions and patches are released. Civ 5 is just a much better game than Beyond Earth right now. As I'm sure Beyond Earth will be a much better game than Civ 7 or whatever they decide to call it comes out.

ABizzel13167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )


Nope. COD is much bigger on consoles than it is a PC. Bethesda games are HUGE on PC specially for the modding community that keeps these games going for YEARS with new content, graphics mods, and more.

There's already graphics mods, mods to fix the lag for PC controls, and mods to unlock the framerate cap.

And even when they release a technologically mediocre release on PC (as Fallout 4 is across the board), it can always be modded to have MUCH better performance than Bethesda would ever be willing to invest in (Bethesda should be punished for their awful optimizations).

ifinitygamer3167d ago


Oh, absolutely its more of a console game (CoD).
But it's interesting that the difference is still quite so large, even considering that Black Ops III has been out for the weekend so people who didn't get it day one or day two are also factored into this, but this is a mere 12 hours after Fallout's launch. Insane.

Crashbandicoot773167d ago

All of my friends on PC and PS4 are playing Fallout it's crazy lol

sullynathan3167d ago

Ah, all those PC gamers that will be fixing Bethesda's games for them. God, I love modding.

Pathogenic3167d ago

Fallout is a great game and I don't really have any issues on PC except for some minor bugs and glitch's in certain locations. Other than that everything is running smoothly.

Perjoss3167d ago

I've not had any issues playing with all settings maxed apart from a minor stutter than vanished once I moved the game install over to a solid state drive. I do hope they add some kind of brightness or gamma setting as sometimes the game can look slightly washed out during the clearest weather and brightest time of day.

ABizzel13167d ago

There are framerate issues, but it doesn't really matter if you have the GPU to brute force through them, and a drop from 60's to the 50's isn't a problem at all compared to the consoles dropping from 30fps to 20fps or worse.

The problem with PC are the NPC's getting "lagged out" and forcing you to restart missions over, quest simply not loading, and rare glitching or freezing that force you to hard reset.

The issues of Fallout 4 on PC are there, but significantly less so than the console version, since framerate & stuttering were the biggest issues there (PC has them, but WAYYYYYY less noticeable).

There's also been issues reported of it not going full screen on laptops for some reason.

Bladesfist3167d ago

The SLI Scaling is a bit weak, my second 980 only gives me an extra 10 - 15 frames over the 50 - 70 (1440p maxed out) one card achieves.

masterfox3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

is obvious cause most games in STEAM are indies, farming games, crazy goats and crazy breads :D


SteamPowered3167d ago

Excellent news to hear. More Publishers should start start to take notice of how strong the PC market really is and develop games accordingly.

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bondsmx59d ago

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