Gamecyte Interview - CD Projekt's The Witcher: Enhanced Edition

Sean Hollister reports:

''Though it was hardly the first time the CD Projekt crew had carted their game to the Electronic Entertainment Expo, I had my first taste of the Polish action-RPG The Witcher at E3 2006, previewing the title for a small startup called the International House of Games. Suffice it to say, I was impressed. The game seemed to have everything: beautiful graphics, engaging combat, role-playing decisions that actually influenced the game's narrative and - Chief Designer Michal Madej promised - an immersive, nuanced story of racial prejudice based on the acclaimed fantasy novels of Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. To my mind, the only thing CD Projekt was missing was a publisher.

CD Projekt found that publisher in Atari… but in the exchange that followed, that nuanced plot - the feature I had been most looking forward to - was somehow lost in translation. It soon came out that The Witcher's dialogue had been heavily edited for English-speaking audiences, and although the title still received plenty of praise for its other feats, critics rightfully called out the game's poor localization. Naturally, these reviews couldn't help CD Projekt make a better game; in Polish, we were told, things sounded just fine - and at any rate, retail boxes were already on store shelves. The damage had been done.''

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zornik3720d ago start working on the X360 version please.

tehR0xx0Rz3720d ago

Too bad Rockstar didn't put this kind of effort into San Andreas, rather than fixing hidden sex games.

Sounds like the developer wants the game to be better. I like this kind of game (Oblivion-type role playing). I'd like to try it out with the new improvements.