Top 5 game sales per system worldwide in week 32 on Amazon

What are the best-selling games in America, Japan, and Europe this week according to Amazon sales? Wii Fit stays on the healthiest spot of the Wii chart, not surprisingly the game has sold over 3.42 million copies so far worldwide. Following closely with 2 million sales across both consoles worlwide, Soul Calibur IV stays on top of the Xbox 360 chart, but stays on 2nd place on the PS3 as Grand Theft Auto IV reclaims the top spot.

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Silellak3726d ago

GTA4 sold more for the PS3 than SC4? Is that because of a declining interest in SC4 or a reserge in the interest in GTA4?

Hellsvacancy3726d ago

selling more than GT5P they must be readying themselves 4 Res2 - not bad 4 a year old FPs

ceedubya93726d ago

just drop the price to greatest hits satus. Bout time too.

WhittO3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

Uncharted back up in Europe, and MGS4 is still selling well, people are probably waiting to buy the bundle since i hear its always selling out.

EDIT: It says "The Orange Box (EA Games) for PC, thought EA only made the PS3 version ?

Supa3726d ago

"It says 'The Orange Box (EA Games) for PC', thought EA only made the PS3 version ?"

That's true, but EA are still the publishers of all retail versions.

BLUR1113726d ago

Soul Calibur IV #1 on 360 and #2 on ps3, I love soul calibur it's all I have been playing since I got it :)

ScottEFresh3726d ago

IT's good to see some people taking advantage of the $29.99 Resistance deal. Single player is amazing and multiplayer community is still active.

Nathaniel_Drake3726d ago

I just started playing the multiplayer again because I am done with summer school, and I forgot how addicting it is, especially the rooftops with one hit kills, you can get 5 hit kills or more in a row if you land in the right place hehehe!! =)