Photofast PSP dual adapter CR-3100 and CR-5400 released; CR-9000 info, photos, benchmark tests

QJ writes: "Tipster Hitori Futari has come through for us once again with new pics, photos, and details on new PhotoFast hardware! No PhotoFast babes this time though, as Futari pointed out.

First of all, futari has informed us of several products that PhotoFast released recently (in Asia, at least - Futari doesn't know if and when they will be released in other regions): the long-awaited PSP dual adapter (CR-3100) and the other dual adapter, the CR-5400 which converts two microSDHC to one MS Pro Duo."

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Photofast Dual Slot Adaptor CR5400 is a new storage accessory for PSP, which supports two TF cards within one adaptor. It’s announced a year ago but till now we can get the detail about it. So please allow us to guide this revolutionary product to you.


In order to fit the PSP memory stick slot, CR5400 is designed as a very thin card with two slots on. We can even see its inner structure. Here is the official guide on how to insert the card. To summarize the card should be handled with care, and do not press or squeeze hard.