Halo 5: Guardians' Is A Major Step Backwards

Look, I understand that what I’m about to say and not a lot of people will like it, but I’m going to say it anyway. Halo 5: Guardians is terrible. I don’t understand why this new one is so interesting, or why people love it so much. Halo 3 was amazing, but this… Halo 5 is nothing compared to them. Epic in scope, but atrocious in everything else. Is the key to gaming success simply waiting? Is that all it takes now? Bait the audience with enough time and they’ll throw handfuls of money at mediocre games? We threw money at Mass Effect 3 because the first two were so amazing. Of course, the wait long enough theory didn’t hold up with Duke Nukem, but there’s always an exception that proves the rule.

Foehammer3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

The reviews say otherwise

84 reviews in total

77 are 80 or higher

32 are 90 or higher

Even Forbes said:

"Halo 5: Guardians' Is The Best Halo Yet"

...and gave it a 9/10


christocolus3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

Lmao. The problem with forbes is anyone is allowed to write an article and post it on the website.The Halo 5 review is so different from this .

This is directly from the review

"Halo 5: Guardians is the best Halo game yet. They’ve brought storytelling back to the franchise and the Halo galaxy will never be the same. After Master Chief receives a brief and disjointed message from Cortana, he quickly breaks ranks and searches for her as the forerunner machines– known as the Guardians– rise out of the ground on planets and colonies all over the galaxy.

Halo 5: Guardians delivers on the promises made in Halo 4 where everything that happened pays off in some absolutely stunning ways. I’ve never felt so invested in Halo’s story before and that’s saying something."


I find this hilarious. xD

Halo2ODST23174d ago

Chris, there are different writers at Forbes, just like any other news website. They may have the same employer, but not the same perspective. Nice to see you have a unique sense of humor. Though I like Halo 5, but keep getting distracted by getting achievements on the MCC & Reach's fascinating multiplayer.

christocolus3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )


Did you even read my comment?

"anyone is allowed to write an article and post it on the website."

Its quite ironic to see Halo 5 rated so highly by forbes then another article(still from forbes) pops up saying its a major step backwards.if you do some research you would realise that Forbes is unique in this sense. They allow freelancers/contributors post up articles on their site and sometimes the opinions presented are always very different. This isnt the first time they've done this. Forbes is well known for this.You dont see Ign, Gamespot ,Time, Examiner, Telepgraph , Eurogamer, Polygon and others doing this..and Yup. i do love my unique sense of humor. :)

Kingdomcome2473173d ago

I'm a noob when it comes to the Halo franchise, but I'm thoroughly enjoying the game. I'm not surprised in the slightest by who posted this article. They've got something extremely negative to say in every single Halo article that hits this site. Both prior to, and post Halo 5's launch.

BQ323173d ago

I have been a Halo fan from the beginning and still think the first Halo's single player campaign was the best with the best AI of it's time and a great musical score.
With that being said, I am all about Multiplayer, and to me, Halo 5 trumps them all and is currently the best multiplayer shooter available. It has done a magnificent job in upgrading the series with modern and fluid movement mechanics while still retaining the absolute skill necessary to compete against seasoned players. The skill gap is what always has set Halo apart and this is no different. I think a lot of people get turned off because they jump in to mp and get owned, get frustrated, and then blame it on the game. But in my opinion this is one of the best games I have ever played in regards to believing my statistics and K/D in each individual game are directly related to my skill much more so then external factors. This game is a hardcore players dream.

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Halo2ODST23174d ago

FoeHammer, don't just list scores, they are just meaningless, make a constructive argument as to why you like Halo 5, I like Halo 5, make an argument to support your views. That is what matters, your perspective.

Automatic793173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

Forbes looking for hits. I am addicted to Multiplayer and have played the campaign twice sorry but these anti Halo articles are flakey.

kenwonobi3173d ago

Meh. According to metacritic it's just an average game.

christocolus3173d ago

Lol. 1 - 100 and you say 85 is an average game? I never knew this. I guess dark souls and many other great titles(some of which have even won game of the year awards)are average too. Lol.

ritchi453173d ago

Review scores are somewhat meaningless in this modern age. Pretty much all AAA titles are guaranteed a score between 7-10, and any less attracts the wrath of fanboys. Its easy to see why Eurogamer moved away from a numerical scoring system for games.

OT: It's an opinion piece article. If the author felt Halo 5 was a step back, then by his opinion hes right.

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HaydenJameSmith3173d ago

"Is the key to gaming success simply waiting? Is that all it takes now? Bait the audience with enough time and they’ll throw handfuls of money at mediocre games? We threw money at Mass Effect 3 because the first two were so amazing."

You lost me there... Mass Effect 3 was a great game, it had flaws just like Halo 5 but "terrible" doesn't even begin to describe either of those games.

Kavorklestein3173d ago

Call me crazy but I'm addicted to the multiplayer.
The Capaign wasn't my favorite per se but I enjoyed it..

All in all I'd give Halo 5 an 88 out of 100.
Great game, just not quite as great as I had hoped.
Multiplayer is some of the best in years tho.

Fin_The_Human3173d ago

Desperate for hits much.

A lot of these why Halo 5 sucks have been popping up lately but they don't get any attention and only get like 10 comments.

The game is great just give up this campaign to try and give Halo a bad name.

Sciurus_vulgaris3173d ago

It happens with nearly every release .

Tedakin3173d ago

Campaign may be lacking, but the MP is probably the best Halo ever....

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