Armchair Empire Preview: Far Cry 2

A.E reports:

'' As I observed the Far Cry 2 demonstration, I couldn't help but hear Shane Bettenhausen's voice, "Fire is the new water." It's absolutely true. A few years ago, many developers made a big deal about water - "Look at our awesome water physics!" - but now it's all about the combustion of flammable materials.

One of the features of Far Cry 2 is the flammability of the environment. During the demo, a fire was started, which quickly spread up trees, across buildings (blowing up explosive barrels along the way) and across the savannah grass in the direction the wind was pushing it. It was cool to see this in action and my mind leapt to the
strategic possibilities of starting a fire. Flushing out enemies into a trap is a strong possibility. Damage to the foliage will persist for a time but the plant life will actually grow back (at an accelerated rate, one can assume).''

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