Shakira’s Love Rocks Is Already A Flop, Signaling Trouble For Celebrity-Driven Mobile Games

Last week, Love Rocks ranked No. 304 in revenue generated among gaming apps, according to mobile-app analytics firm App Annie, and it has been falling steadily since the game peaked at No. 21 last month.

MilkMan3168d ago

Mobile gaming PERIOD is crap. Why are we even discussing this?

Eonjay3168d ago

Thats still far better than it really deserves to be. I would not call that a flop with millions of apps our there.

Thatguy-3103168d ago

Only certain celebrities can make millions of games like these. They need to hold a strong presence in social network to have their sheeps invest on it.

Xavior_Reigns3168d ago

Fallout Shelter... and even that one burned out quick, for me at least.

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lucian2291h ago

from the screenshot i was like is that Aurora? lol confirmed


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Chocoburger1d ago

Cheaply made AI art + free-to-play design with egregious micro-trash-actions? NO!!! ITS OBVIOUSLY NOT WORTH YOUR TIME AND MONEY!

bunt-custardly1d ago

Agree with your sentiment, but if you don't put any cash down and just grind away, no harm done aside from your sanity.

ZeekQuattro18h ago

The only I spend money on is the Fist of the North Star mobile game. Everything else I just grind it out. Let the whales fund the games.

jznrpg10h ago

lol grind away is a good way to put it

EternalTitan6h ago

Its got better character design than Concord.

Petebloodyonion1h ago

That one made me laugh. Expect Sweet Baby Inc. to join this game if it becomes popular.