Fallout 4: Pete Hines Defends His “Solid 30 FPS” Comment ,Talks About Frame Rate On PS4 And Xbox One

GearNuke: "Bethesda's VP of PR and Marketing, Pete Hines recently had to face some backlash over his earlier comments stating that Fallout 4 will run at solid 30 fps on the PS4 and Xbox One. As it turns out, the game actually has a fair share of frame rate drops on the PS4 and Xbox One, going as low as 20 fps on the PS4 and 0 fps (we aren't joking here) on the Xbox One."

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GarrusVakarian3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

Wow, in denial much? Fix your game, you stubborn jackass. The evidence is there that it runs like crap on both consoles all too often.

Anthotis3143d ago

I don't understand why they still have this clown doing PR.

RpgSama3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

Just read the article and some of the answers Pete Hines give to people, WOW, what a DOUCHEBAG, how does a person that responds like that to a community of customers and fans still has a job.

People are angry and rightly so, because as always, another Bethesda game is full of Bugs and Optimization issues, this game was not given out for free, people paid for this game.

I don't defend releasing broken games, but people knew what they were going into when buying this game at launch, what I really don't understand is how can Bethesda not aknolewdge the problems, that's a stupid attitude, specially when you belittle your community while doing so.

freshslicepizza3143d ago

so when they release a patch, which we all know will be one of many, what will be his explanation then?

Crimzon3143d ago

Honestly, his responses to people on Twitter are disgraceful, that's no way to treat your customers at all. On the other hand however, they only have this pig-headed attitude because everybody keeps buying their broken, bug-riddled games.

If you guys actually voted with your wallets rather than buying these broken games every time, they would actually have to stop and release a functional product for a change. I bet you'll all buy the next Elder Scrolls game as well, and be just as outraged when they runs poorly and is full of bugs, right? Then do it all over again for Fallout 5, and so on and so forth.

Every single problem in this industry from broken games to poor performance to ridiculous DLC and microtransactions is all attributable to one single thing that allows developers and publishers to keep getting away with it: Gamers can't help themselves. If everyone could show some self control and actually stand by your convictions, all of this stuff would go away fast but nope, gotta keep preordering and riding the hype train off a cliff.

Forn3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

Indeed, what a POS. People keep buying their games though, so I don't think he cares. If only gamers had better self control. Vote with your wallets people!

thekhurg3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

Guy is a complete tool. This will literally be the final Bethesda game I ever spend my money on for the foreseeable future. Their inability to tell the truth about their games, then inability to mature as a developer and their lack of decent story telling and dialog writing is basically enough for me to just have a "been there, done that" attitude with all of their games.

Outside of graphics and animations - their games have barely changed since Morrowind, and even in those two departments they've just been minor upgrades for each release. Bethesda games are basically the CoD of RPGs. Just recycled content with marginal improvement, despite them taking 6 years to development something.

Kind of embarassing when you compare them to other RPG focused studios like Bioware and CD Projekt Red. Exceptionally embarrassing when you compare this "six year project" to Witcher 3. I mean ... it's laughable.

But oh well, I'll continue to play Fallout 4 until I've completed it just because I love RPGs so much - will just be mindful in the future to not worry about this company anymore until they've proven they can actually change their ways.

Palitera3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

The reason is because he successfully fooled everyone on their marketing campaign (blatantly lying about the performance). Sales is what matters, nothing more, nothing less. And he is one of the heads of the most hyped marketing campaign of the year.

He probably already has his info that the game can't and won't be fixed (seriously, they never gave half a crap about it), so the denial seems to be a pretty good strategy considering their situation.

What would he say?
"Eeerrr... Sorry, we can't do better than this."
"Our technical team sucks!"
"Yeah, we released it on a 10 years-old engine, so there's not much we can do..."

Why wouldn't they keep this clown? The laugh ain't on him.

LostDjinn3143d ago

To those above...and below (sounds ominous I know but stay with me). You're not powerless as consumers. Mr Hines has outright lied. It's as simple as that. This much is fact. They (Bethesda/Hines) are banking on the fact that gamers will put up with it.

If gamers simply refer this (bethesda/hines) to the FTC (or whatever your country's equivalent may be) you'll see a change very quickly. What they've done here is illegal. Show them that.

BeefCurtains3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

I'm curious though, what percentage of time does the game run below 30fps? Or percentage of time it's "noticeably" below 30?

The occasional frame dip is inevitable with any game. If it runs 30fps or solid without any stuttering 95% of the time, then I think gamers are nitpicking and Peter has a point. But if we get real results showing its always noticeable, and stutters all the time, and constantly 20fps, then gamers have a point in their gripe.

His response to the "name" thing was a dick move. That guy wasn't requesting weird names, he asked for Pete and Todd... That shouldn't even be a request, I cant believe those names, along with countless other common names, were excluded. My name isn't on the list, and it's consistently top 10 popular name.

skwidd3143d ago

Hey guys,

I haven't played the game but from the video it looks like the game occasionally drops a few frames before story cut scenes and particular parts. My question is how often and how bad is it? Because for me it doesn't sound too bad. It just doesn't seem too frequent.

Having said that, his responses were stupid.

livininsin3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

I got the pc version and to be honest, this is the least buggy, best optimized game that Bethesda has ever delivered on the pc side that I can remember.

People keep on comparing fo4/bethesda to witcher 3/Cd projekt red but if I recall correctly, on console, witcher 3 launched running in the low 20s for entire sections not just intermittent drops and still isn't "solid 30fps" to this day, many months later so I really don't think it is fair.

I do agree however that the '1 second drop to 0fps when switching to a weapon that hadn't been used for a while' bug should have been caught in q&a so hopefully it will be resolved quickly for xbox one owners.

nix3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

Hmmm.. That's why reviewers should use the final copy n not reviewers' copy. So that they can tell us how screwed up the game is.

Was this not evident in the Lets Play videos?

I kept hearing "it's Bethesda game it'll have issues.." even before the game came out but you guys went and bought it without waiting..? Wow.

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Utalkin2me3143d ago

He is the sole reason i will not purchase a single game with Bethesda's name on it. Best way to get rid of clowns like this is to make your voice heard and speak with your wallet.

KiwiViper853143d ago

If the game had been delayed 2-3 months, it would've still sold the same amount of copies.

Instead they released a buggy mess next to a top class RotTR. I'm spending my money on TR first. Fallout4 can wait till next year.

Who would've thought it.

Lordani663143d ago

Let me comment on this: Before any PS4 fanboys go "xbox one does 0 fps" or pc mustard pleb go "consoles are so weak", let me show you how this game works on a i7, 16 GB RAM, 2x GTX 970:


It works like SHIT there too, stutters like hell, and it's on 1440p,but this guy says it's the same stuttering on 1080p too.

Another reason why it's a bad game overall, is that consoles play games like GTA V, Batman Arkham Knight, Watch Dogs, inFamous like a charm (which are also open world games and are muuuuuch better looking that Fallout 4 that is made on a 2004/2005 made engine). That's pathetic from bethesda, this company just produces turd after turd (Fallout 3 NV worked bad at release, Skyrim even worse, and don't even make me go to RAGE).

b_one3143d ago

ok thats it, i was gonna buy that game coz of dog... now i wont do it FU asshole! will wait for patches GOTY edition or smth.

fr0sty3142d ago

you know you are a lazy developer when your game's graphics get criticized upon its reveal for being too close to the previous game's visuals... then that already visually unimpressive game runs like shit on consoles that both have far more impressive looking games... even open world games. Then rather than address the issue, you hire a PR guy to make an ass of himself in front of the community by denying there's anything wrong.

SolidStoner3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )


agree... somehow my artistic mind dosnt let me see flaws.. and my brain makes me smooth experience on PS4.. but at the start (after other modern games, I noticed frame rate drops) now after couple of days im used to it.. but still hope for performance update.. still game is kick ass, this will/is the best Fallout game.... cant wait to get back in!

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BG115793143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

0 fps on the Xbone's Digital Foundry's performance analysis...
Yep, solid performance!!! ^^

Gazondaily3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

Could be worse...oh no wait it couldn't. #damagelimitationfail

Btw that pic reminds me of the video with that kid who says "Linda listen"

UltraNova3143d ago

Yes it could be worse than 0 fps (actually the 'FPS' term does not apply at 0 refresh rate, yeah its that bad)...

For example, the game wouldn't start at all or it could corrupt your save files after dozens of hrs of hard earned looting and exploring making you start all over again...

In that ^^ light, I'd take occasional 0 fps dips (?free falls without a parachute?)anytime, every-time.

sonarus3143d ago

its funny how the one article saying ps4 had frame rate issues came out only for DF to show the Xbox one as worse.
Its funny how people still want to wish the Xbox one can outperform the PS4. I thought we had passed that stage of the argument and were now in graphics don't matter phase.

UltraNova3143d ago

@ sonarus

Hmm..short/selective memories people have these days...

Crimzon3143d ago


You know what's really funny? Is that we have a Digital Foundry article that clearly demonstrates how both versions of the game have technical issues and yet here you are posting fanboy drivel in an article that's focused on Bethesda's marketing and PR blatantly deceiving consumers.

Do you not feel dumb for posting a comment like that? Oh yay, this game has technical problems on both platforms but haha, people who own a different console to you have it worse. Hilarious. Meanwhile if you could refrain from being a braindead troll for a moment, you might actually see the big picture here...

Imalwaysright3143d ago

What does that even mean? That the game freezes for a few seconds before starting running again?

Mehmeh3142d ago

"its funny how the one article saying ps4 had frame rate issues came out only for DF to show the Xbox one as worse.
Its funny how people still want to wish the Xbox one can outperform the PS4. I thought we had passed that stage of the argument and were now in graphics don't matter phase."

Your comment is funny given that it focuses on something completely different than the article you wrote it in, and for no reason other than your own agenda:)

And even if ppl are in the graphics dont matter phase, this is a question about performance;)