The Nintendo Revolution,and why Wii were wrong

From Shacknews:

"It was April 27, 2006, and gamers were primed for Nintendo's next-gen box, codenamed Revolution. In the all-important console war, the company had ended the previous generation in last place with its GameCube. Thoroughly beaten by Sony's juggernaut PlayStation 2, and even edged out by newcomer Microsoft with its Xbox, Nintendo was sucking wind--or just plain sucking, depending on who you asked..."

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OMGLOLZ4359d ago

Put Nintendo at an advantage in the marketplace. However, they put hardcore gamers everywhere at a huge disadvantage. I really hope that we get something to drool over (for the Wii), and quick, so I don't have to use it as a door-stop...

picoso364359d ago (Edited 4359d ago )

but it's high time they make more games to an adult's liking. i bought one because i expected more games and it just hasn't happened - and i wanted to love this console so much. Wii Sports, Metroid, and Super Mario grabbed my attention collectively for about a month. its a great system "for parties" - how man times have you heard that?

...clearly, my opinion is in the minority as sales records suggest. this is kinda like when the mini-van revolution took hold in the late 80's.

Tyrael4359d ago

Motion sensing capabilities are great, but they just aren't accurate enough for me to even want to hold onto this system.

Xiru4359d ago

New Nintendo = great for business, bad for gamers.

Fux4Bux4359d ago

Gimmick + Good Advertising = Success. All they proved is that it doesn't matter if the system is overpriced garbage and games gimmicky crap. Very bad thing in the long run as underpowered consoles will probably become the norm.