New Heavy Rain In-Game Footage


"When it rains it pours, and after we revealed a selection of Heavy Rain screenshots, we were put in touch with a snippet of real-time footage (though we don't doubt that previous videos were also real-time) of what looks like the same town as was presented in the screenshots."

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Viktor E3722d ago

Looking like another AAA Playstation 3 Exclusive

Bangladesh3722d ago

It's a shame that the ps3 isn't powerful enough to produce the quality of graphics shown in the target video.

techie3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

And which would be the target the video?

If you mean the original casting, that was running on PS3 dev kits. And the new screenshots...they are real-time in-game screenshots.

Heavy Rain will be both an adventure game and an interactive adventure, where you can change dramatically the running of the story and what happens in the "cutscenes" (not really cutscenes as they are completely interactive - this means with up-close faces the PS3 can put most of its power into rendering them. It's very possible.

Bangladesh3722d ago

I hope that Heavy Rain turns out AAA as well. I just give Vicktor h*ll because he's a brainwashed fanboy, and it's fun to call him out on his idiocy.

THC CELL3722d ago

this game is lookin a bit better than killzone and they have almost hit there target so what are u on about

and if i am right This game is 4d

Bangladesh3722d ago

I hope they do THC, I've been wanting this game since that target video. 4D? Are you making a joke?

theKiller3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

u ur self r a fanboy!! so would u please stop with calling people fanboys!! hypocrite!

back on topic!
the bots will be saying "but but the ps3 GPU has only 256MB RAM, and we have 512MB RAM! how is it possible?? it cant be!!! we will commit a mass suicide"

LOL at their faces!! ps3 is more powerful than 360 in every way!! there is absolutely nothing the 360 is better than ps3 as a machine!! as sofware we can argue about it!!

Bangladesh3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

I've got both ps3 and 360. What I am, is fed up with the ignorance of the Sony fanboys on this site and pretty much every other gaming website.

Look at this ridiculious BS-

Don't you think that someone has to be a pretty big loser to start/join a website built to protect a corperation that see's them as nothing more than a wallet? I do. I play games not consoles, and I'll happily attack ignorance in my favorite hobby. As much as I wish that I didn't have to admit it, 90% of the time it's a Sony fanboy that is completely full of sh*t.

Gamers should be working together, not against each other.

theKiller3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

again u r a big hypocrite in this site!!!
u r only focusing on ps3 fanboys, yes they r a lot in here and yes they made some fanboy wed sites but why do u ignore the fact that all this happened because of the media bias against the ps3?? and what about the 360 FANBOYS???????? why aren't u fed up with them as much as the ps3 fanboys???? i have an answer for that its because u ur self r a 360 fanboy in other word bot in disguise!

and what about this???
run by theMART!!!! what will u say now???
and gamespot,1UP,eurogamer,edge,ga medaily????????????????????
but u choose to pick up only ps3 fanboys and fan sites!! u cant deny u r a 360 fanboy!!

u see there isnt out there so many ps3 pro wed sites and the media is pro 360 because MS is spending money on them to give high review to their games! its a clear fact and if u dont see that than u r blinded fanboy!!

Mr hyprocrite i dont think u can even reply to what i wrote!! what else can u say?? u got my point?? if ur house is from class dont throw the others with rocks!!

Bangladesh3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

TheKiller the only thing that I care to say, is that it must suck being a little pissant like you. I'm not here to impress the fanboy population. People like you will be the death of the gaming industry.

TheHater3722d ago

I am also an Xbox 360 and PS3 owner. Look at my profile. But unlike you, I don't go around bash either one of them. I read your comments, and it sound like you are a fanboy base on your comments. Now I am not call you a fanboy, but you might want to rethink what you post in your comments, because it make you look like a F#$King idiot

Bangladesh3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

TheHater, I tried being nice and respectful to everyone when I first joined this site. But now, I don't give a running f*ck about treating the fanboy population on this site like human beings. If you haven't noticed the largest number of idiots on this site are Sony fanboys. Normally you don't have to say anything to a MS or Ninty fan, because there is already 30 slobbering Sony retards in full on anus mode. If being truthful about Sony, MS, or Nintendo hurts these fruit loops feelings then they need to reavaluate what the important things in life are. If that puts me in a disliked minority on this site, I won't lose any sleep.

edit- lol killer you didn't own nobody but yourself by acting like a complete tool. I didn't bother getting into a retard slapfest with you, simply because it's the same regergutated fanboy drivel that I've seen in gaming forums all over the internet when someone doesn't lick the nutsack that the fanboy does.

theKiller3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

thats what am saying, he keeps calling people fanboys and that he hate fanboys and only mention ps3 fanboys!! also he is being offensive to me with his language in his last post!!

am not saying am not a fanboy or i am a fanboy, but i dont go around and cool people fanboys while am one of them!! i admit in most my comments there is a little fanboy in them so if someone call me a fanboy then i wont deny it but i bring facts with my opinion!! and the most important thing is AM NOT A HYPOCRITE!!!!!!!! u got that Bangladesh??

what make u think i need u to impress me?? i just owned u in my last post!
still u didnt reply to my claims about xboxkings and other point i pointed where i point a question mark(???????)!!! it shows that i owned u u fanboy!!

from this day on please do us a favour and never call anybody a fanboy because u r one of them!

@Bangladesh i gave u the only agree by accident i wanted to give it to TheHater but u choose to reply to him fast that i didnt even see u and not to my facts about u being the biggest fanboy in here and acting like an angel gamer!!!

am still waiting about ur opinions about the 360 fanboys!!!! they r a lot!! to name a few theMart,power of the green, bladstar,Lehance,Gem1,Icewake etc the list goes on!!! am waiting....

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3722d ago

Don't they make xBox 360 games anymore???
There seems to be nothing New coming to the xBox 360??? ;-D
I'm a PS3 Fanboy!!! ;-D Er SO WHAT!!!;) I Love it!!!;)

solar3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Bangledesh is right. ive been banned from the Gamer Zone 3 times for calling out the Sony fanboys on their pure hatred towards Valve. hell ive seen posts from Zhuk that had nothing, absolutely nothing inflammatory and it was reported as spam. the social aspect of this site is such a joke.

plus this is the Open Zone. he can call any of you fanboys all he wants here. christ read ppl.

Pain3722d ago

@1.1 -
It's a shame that the ps3 isn't powerful enough to produce the quality of graphics shown in the target video.

lol u talking about that HALO 3 CGI vid? cuz we all know how that turned out 640p!!!!! lol FAIL!

zapass3722d ago

you're full of sh!t and you know it, cuz as we all know:

- only 1 company screwed its customer and that's m$.
- 90% of the gaming media is sucking the m$ c0ck.
- the 360 is not only unreliable but crippled by massive design mistakes.
- the ps3 promised a lot but is delivering big time

yet you feel like you can dump the usual anti sony rant in 2008 on n4g?

go have a wank, baboon

moving on

syanara3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

hes not that much of a fanboy dude hes pretty even on both consoles don't get pissed cause hes a bit skeptical about a game that isnt out yet I would be too this game looks amazing but gameplay need to match the graphics

na2ru13722d ago

Ami tor Maa re suudi.

actas1233722d ago

Wow, whats all the commotion here?!! This game doesn't look that impressive. I mean if you compare it to call of duty or uncharted it would look second class really.

cmrbe3722d ago

1st. You are in the Open Zone.

2nd. Victor is only stating is opinion in that post.

3rd. Your avatar pic suck hehe.

Man get a grip. Are you some kinda fanboy police?.

3722d ago
DaChinPin3722d ago

Seriously bangladesh...It's sad that you do a personal atack on someone because they like a certain thing you don't really agree with. It's childish and doesn't help your cause being that you say you're no fanboy...
And thekiller...He might be a fanboy, or he might not. Either way you should just let him be and let him show his stupidity by himself without taking any other people banned with him.

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Viktor E3722d ago

They must be utilizing the powerful Cell Processor and RSX Graphics Chip,not to mention the Blu Ray Space

nbsmatambo3722d ago

mayb its my not knowing anything, but i still dont knw wat this game is about. Any1 care to enlighten me?

HighDefinition3722d ago

The "Origami Killer"

It`s a Psychological Thriller.

Play Indigo Prophecy.

gaffyh3722d ago

@1.1 - You need to play Indigo Prophecy (also called Farenheit), it will be similar to that most likely because it is made by the same developer (Quantic Dreams). Also Farenheit was a surprisingly good game, the story was very good.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3722d ago

“Heavy Rain is about normal people that have landed in extraordinary situations,” he explains. “I wanted a much more personal story. The first thing that came to my mind, as a father of two little boys, was that the main theme should simply be a father’s love for his son. This is not a game about saving the princess or the world. It’s purely about a father’s love.

- Kev Lochun (

Silellak3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Sony fans are the only people I know who will go out of their way to:

- List the features of their console
- Repeat their favored company's advertising slogan

"Play B3yond, with Blu-ray, Cell, Blast Processing, and the FX chip!"

That aside, the game looks gorgeous.

Panipal20053722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

I've seen this from Neogaf already, I was hoping this would be something else! Gotta be honest and say that a camera view of a street isn't that impressive.

Not as impressive as what we'll see @ GC will be :) GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE = :) :) :)

Saint Sony3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Yea yea, the game itself was not really shown much, but only impressive capturing device which is not PS3 (nor in game). It is just a technology used widely in the gaming/movie industry. Sorry.

Anyhow, I really do like the theme of this game, I have no idea what it is about but heavy rain sounds great what comes to mood.

Rock Bottom3722d ago

LOL @ 360 fanboys posting in PS3 news articles then complain about PS3 fanboys posting in 360 news.

theusedfake3722d ago

haha, have you read anything that Zhuk has posted?
now THAT stuff is funny ;)

thewhoopimen3722d ago

This game is finally going to lay to rest that stupid notion that the PS3 and xbox360 are "equal". I don't see anything close to equal coming out on the 360.

vdesai3722d ago

I liked live in your world. Play in ours.

hay3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

@Silellak: at least ps3 fanboys have some features to talk about.

Heavy Rain can be really revolutional game. Killing can get boring fast.

RemmM3722d ago

Because the video does NOT SHOW any gameplay... All they showed is a kid being modeled in 3D. Big whoop? XD

cmrbe3722d ago

What is the point of your post in this thread?. What i notice on this site is that x360 trolls complain about PS3 fans being trolls when themselves are trolls. I think you weren't here back in 2007. At least the PS3 trolls i have come across are funny and don't take themselves seriously and never try to preach like you just did. You should be reported for being off topic.


on a scale of 1-10 this virtual reality simulation is a mudaphukkin 100.

now lets hope gameplay is innovative. and not crippled as MOST pretty games are/rant

I LOVE my xbox3721d ago

Really? Only Sony fans? What fantasy world do YOU live in?
Cause I can also make bold statements like you do:

Silellak is the only person I know who will go out of his way to blatantly lie about things and attempt to bend situations to his liking.

It's fun posting useless opinions.

rockleex3721d ago

On a scale of 1-10... how old is Michael Jackson's boyfriend?

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THC CELL3722d ago

Looking good

Alan wake WHAT ?

poos33722d ago

hahah how many times have we seen these fake sony games ? remember the getaway the demo shown that was meant to be realtime hahahah CANNED so many lies from sony i didnt get much from this vid that impressed me and i know how it will look when they show it average .

Vojkan3722d ago

Interesting, that face mapping is awesome

TheColbertinator3722d ago

Sacre Bleu! Impressive facial motion capture.This game will rock the world

Daver3722d ago

lolll every english people i talk, they always say Sacre bleu loll thats the only thing they know in french i guess XD

Sheddi3722d ago

haha what the hell does Sacre bleu mean?
it sounds so funny.

Daver3722d ago

Sacre bleu is like a "weird" expression to say "my god" kinda

mentalboy113722d ago

voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir.

HateBoy3721d ago

This is for you Live people out there: Va te faire foutre!

Mix it up once in a while!

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