Left 4 Dead : New screenshots published some new screenhots of Valve's Title Left 4 Dead. Take go, hunting the zombies begin on November 7.

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power of Green 3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

The platform listing is incorrect(No PS3 Version).

How does a "PS3 version not currently in development" end up meaning "the owners of the Ps3 will have to wait a little" assuming they even heard the rumor or the reply from the devs and not just making this listing up.

I hate missinformation, no DEV said it is coming to PS3 later.

trancefreak3721d ago

why dont you worry about your own console instead of pointing out the obvious

supahbad3721d ago

ok PoG i'll trade you. FF13 for L4D

360degrees3721d ago

You can expect this great, and HIGHLY anticipated game to be available on the XBOX360 Video Gaming System, and PC

supahbad3721d ago

congratulations bill gates, oh but you left one out.

Giant_Enemy_Sackboy3721d ago

the new Gabe Newell zombie
if u dont understand just watch the first screeenshot hahahahah is so funny

TheColbertinator3721d ago

Whoa N4G is overloading on green power.

On topic:I prefer Valve work on Half Life more

supahbad3721d ago

has anyone else noticed a steady increase in green since gamesradar and n4g teamed up. i hope it doesn't get out of control i really like this site because most people are fair, not too much bashing others consoles. it has been predominantely pro-sony for as long as i've been coming here though

psycho3603721d ago

I doubt single player experience will be fun cuz its meant to be Co-op game with endless enemies. I'm skeptical about this one.

S-T-F-U3721d ago

I dont understand why everybody's so worked up over this game, It doesn't look THAT good. Seems like a half-arsed game thats trying to be a deadrising/resident evil clone.

NegativeCreepWA3721d ago

Probably because it the most innovative and different FPS coming out this year. Gears and RFOM are just bigger and better versions of older games. Ill be playing all three, but L4D has me the most excited.

TheIneffableBob3721d ago

I'd say S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky is the most different and innovative FPS this year. Left 4 Dead would be second.

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