Ninja Gaiden 2 Currently Broken: Microsoft comments on the recent game killing update.

Though a recent system update that was supposed to fix previously reported issues released, gamers (including those in the IGN offices) have still experienced reoccurring freezing issues during cutscenes which render the game unplayable.

IGN received an official response from Microsoft regarding the issue:

"Microsoft is aware of the issues that players are experiencing with the title update to "Ninja Gaiden II" and are currently working to resolve them with Tecmo/Team Ninja. Please stay tuned for a new update. We thank you for your patience!"

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Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3776d ago

They can't even get there Software updates right to!!! ;-D How SAD!
(That's for saying SONY can't...which was just internet LIES anyway!!!by Lying xBot Lemmings!!!)

zapass3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

that's how they're 'winning' in Japan:

TheAveragePs3User3775d ago

I love plying hazelle and liar and and and piop tarts are my favoritews!!!11!!!

i cantss wati till FFXIII comse out on teh ps3 excloosively!

iceice1233776d ago

It is minor and Microsoft will fix it post haste. Sony has yet to fix that atrocious game called "Lair". Broken since launch and still not fixed, disgusting.

Mc Fadge3776d ago

The controls? They released a patch for analog stick control :/

juuken3776d ago

I agree Raw. He got owned so bad that he has yet to make a rebuttal. o.o

Diugu3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

After the patch it rocks! It was pretty "neat" before.. it was not good... but not terrible. But now after the update I replayed it and it rocks!

The controls were not tight. It felt a little weird... and it took a long time to get used. But they fixed it.

Not the best game but I had a real nice time with it. I'd give it an 8/10 evaluation for it now.

karlostomy3774d ago


...Next time Sony releases an firmware update, wait a while to see if it actually works, before you install it and brick your ps3, guys...

*sneaks away before Juuken unleashes her PMS*

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DJ3776d ago

Why is there a Cheat Code to clear your system cache? Shouldn't it be in plain english, and just a confirmation click away?

Legion3776d ago

Maybe it is so people don't accidently clear their cache? Not that I could think what real harm that would do?

ZeroXMD3775d ago

this is FUNNY AS HELL!!!!!! "OH what about the gamekilling patches and blah blah blah blah!" I just got my 360 last week and am currently playing NG2 and after all of the 360-fangirls dissing ps3 because of "patches being required to fix everything" problem (which I have never had xcept for gta4 WHICH THE 360 HAD AS WELL(my buddy works at hastings and returned so many 360 gta4s it wasnt even funny).

So i guess I won't be getting the extra missions. but still, Foot in your mouth really tastes great huh 360-fangirls

macsto3775d ago

@ above

Its different when SONY are the ones that release an update that bricks your console. This is team ninja screwing up their own game.

rogimusprime3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

Man, leave Sony out of this. At least they admitted to the problems and moved QUICKLY to solve them. I called M$ day ONE of this update when it f'd my system up. The message said "please reconnect hard drive" after the game froze while i was playing the mission pack.

Customer service in India actually suggested that I "reset my modem" I wanted to slap that guy with a curry burger for suggesting that nonsense. I had to google and look on the forums to find out that the problem was widespread. M$ and Team ninja kept it on the hush.

So now, whenever I want to play ninja gaiden, I have to reach in the back and disconnect the network cable. It seems if you aren't connected to live, the glitch wont happen. If you ARE connected, you cant even play with the options without the bubble popping up saying

"please reconnect storage device"


Before you even ask, India asked me to clear out my cache with their little code you can get off google. I like how THEY try to control how YOU maintain YOUR hardrive. Bastards...

I wan't my F-N money back.

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Viktor E3776d ago

I doubt it is the freezing issues that make the offering unplayable,the combination of the weak gameplay,horrendous Camera,predictable AI,and mediocre Graphics,all these combine to form a broken and unplayable retail product

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