Halo 3, Xbox 360 Top G-Phoria 2008 Awards Full List Rundown

Bungie's Halo 3 took top Game of the Year honors during the G-Phoria awards last night, broadcast by game-oriented cable television network G4.

Xbox 360 was named the station's favorite system -- which falls in line with the award distribution. Of the show's 18 game awards, only four went to titles not available on Microsoft's system: Best Graphics and Best Voice Acting for Kojima Productions' Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Best Racing Game for Nintendo EAD's Mario Kart Wii, and, by default, Best Handheld Game for Ready at Dawn's God of War: Chains of Olympus.

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GOTY 20075338d ago (Edited 5338d ago )

*Ahem* I'd like to thank Captain Keyes for pushing me to finish this which I did(or did I?)...and shattered every record in the entertainment industry on the way.

I'd like to thank Cortana for always putting up with me, and also helping me complete my mission against the intergalactic Covenant Menace.

I'd also like to shout out at Peter Jackson for the cutting edge Halo Chronicles game being made that will be unlike anything before it, and destroy the barrier for storytelling in a game. Also, for making me look REALLY cool in the upcoming Halo movie he's directing. ; )

Last but not least, Microsoft for there relentless marketing to make me one of the biggest gaming Icon's of all-time...and Bungie for making Halo 4 even better than Halo 3 : )

Thank you all!!!

It's time to finish this fight.

sushipoop5338d ago

I'm sorry but Halo sucks.

Skadoosh5338d ago (Edited 5338d ago )

*claps* *claps* *whistles*


Here's a tissue Sushi...wipe those tears.

morganfell5338d ago

You may not realize this (who am I kidding of course you don't) but it is G4. They are trash.

But if you want to accept their findings then just be aware that you are endorsing what they say.

Which means you agree that the PS3 has better graphics. Thank you everyone, thank you. Ahhhhh!!!! The crowd roars Ahhhhhh!

The PS3 has superior graphics! Ahhhhhhhh

The crowd is on their feat praising the new graphics king, chanting PS3! PS3! Now the PS3 has superior storage and superior graphics.

The PS3 steps to the microphone, "I would just like to thank the posters known as GOTY 2007 and his sidekick skadoosh for voting for me for superior graphics! Thank you. Thank you so much."

GOTY 20075338d ago

Why are PS3 fanboy's so insanely jealous??

green5338d ago (Edited 5338d ago )

Bubbles for a great acceptance speech from GOTY 2007.

@ Morganfell: why don't you and your mates drop those "HALO SUCKS and so does G4" placards outside and come in and sip some champagne at the G-phoria awards with us.It will help you vent off some of that anger.

Anyway LBP could walk away with the award next year, and we promise to act in a civilized manner when sack boy stands on stage to receive his awards.

EDIT: But Marcus phoenix and Dom Santiago could clinch the award next year because word on the streets is that their latest outing is bigger,better and more bad ass than the 1st. Well who knows, we will just have to wait and see.But for now, let the celebrations commence.

Legion5338d ago (Edited 5338d ago )

...yes YOU are sorry, we noticed.

EDIT @green: yep, looking forward to see Marcus, Dom and the crew's acceptance speech this next year.

morganfell5338d ago (Edited 5338d ago )

Green why don't you drop the bit where you put words in people's mouth. Where did I say HALO sucks? Where? Show me where I said that. Come on, you are saying I did, but I don't see it.

If I ever mentioned HALO in a post, and I have, do you really know what I said? Do you? No I don't think so. I am sure you don't know. If you do know then I suggest you show us all how big you are and apologize. I have always, ALWAYS remarked highly of HALO. I happen to like the series A LOT.

Here is what I said the last time I used the word HALO:

"The only announced 360 game I am waiting on is HALO Wars."

Other than mentioning that I own the Legendary version about a week ago, or using the word HALO to describe the 360 edition I own, the last time I said anything about HALO was here:

"I really really like HALO but this sounds like some crap their new hire, resident franchise destroyer and all around blockhead Christian Allen would invent. Not satisfied with ruining Ghost Recon - and being too cowardly to admit it - he is now messing up HALO. Great."

Or this:

"HALO is a great series and I really like it."

And those remarks are typical. I have blocked overzealous PS3 fans from PMing me about their hatred of HALO. I have a HALO 360 but I can't stand MS. I think the 360 is a last gen player with no ability to evolve and only massive expenditures rather than innovation are keeping it from slipping away faster than it is. But you won't see me bashing HALO. So let's see you step up on this one since you seem to be all about justice.

EDIT: I also mentioned HALO about a week ago when I said that Gearbox was doing the HALO3 PC port...which is a good thing.

green5338d ago (Edited 5338d ago )

"why don't you and your mates drop those "HALO SUCKS and so does G4" placards".

Okay maybe thats to much for you to understand so i will break it down.

You and your mates - Morganfell,VictorE and sushipoop.

Halo Sucks placard - carried by sushipoop and VictorE

G4 sucks placard - carried by YOU morganfell.

Edit:and if you like Halo so much then what was the point of your 1st post?why did you have to come on a thread that is given Halo 3 an award only to start touting the graphical capabilities of the PS3?

Anyway the offer for the champagne still stands.

morganfell5338d ago (Edited 5338d ago )

Just as I suspected. All talk, not action. So much for your sense of right and wrong. It wasn't a HALO thread. It is a GPhoria rundown thread that happens to list HALO as one of the awards. They also list PS3 titles. I merely made a point since your 'friend' had been so adamant about slamming the PS3. And I'll just lump you in with all of them from now on too.

And the subject was HALO, not the defense of G4 pal. Quit dodging the fact you are all talk about right and wrong yet when you screw up you suddenly lose the belly for action. You were wrong about me and HALO.

green5338d ago (Edited 5338d ago )

What are you talking about?I can only see 2 comments made in the gamer zone before yours.GOTY 2007 and skadoosh.And where in their post did they mention the PS3 let alone slam it.Your the one that came in here all defensive, talking about the PS3 graphics and the superior storage.

And speaking of lumping me in with the rest of them.Well buddy that is fine by me because i lumped you in with the rest of them a long long time ago.

morganfell5338d ago

I guess being shown to be wrong is something difficult for you. I was discussing something in the thread. MGS4. I didn't mention HALO. I did mention simple logical deduction. But you just had to mention a PS3 title. It must seriously burn you that the graphics crown was lost. Me, I could care less, it's G4. What the hell do they know - not much.

I was merely pointing out that if you are going to celebrate one aspect of their findings you were stuck with them all. I never mentioned HALO but you had a hissy fit. Hold on for a second and I will blame you for something someone else in the thread said. Standby...there done. You are blamed.

O well, I am glad I am not you. Someone has a thin skin in this thread and it isn't the PS3 fans. Let me give you a hint, it's you.

You see this isn't a 360 thread so stop acting like the police kicked in the door to your single wide trailer and took you Cheeze Whiz.

Put the wounded comments away. You don't 'own' this thread, it isn't a 360 themed thread. They mention quite a few awards and awardees in that article. And if the simple powers of deduction make you realize the truth of what I said in my first remark then that's just too tough. Grow up and face reality. Eat some Tums or have a Maalox milkshake. Whatever makes you feel good. Just be aware that no matter how you cry and say someone came over to your yard and stomped on your snow angels, it won't change the truth of what I said. Get used to the words "MGS4, Graphics King."

elitewh0re5338d ago (Edited 5338d ago )

haha nice post goty2007! this is awesome sauce! also not suprised MGS4 got graphics king, Finding Nemo ain't got nothing on that film

running rampid5338d ago

takes seat at show
*throws popcorn to the ground*
*start's thunderous applause*

great speech dude.

oh yeah and morganfell, everyone in xbox threads is tired of reading your BS comments so STFU AND GTFO.

The Wood5338d ago

nice. Seems people will accept the things they like about what sites say but not other things conveniently and yes it does go both ways but your first point made sense. Maybe some people dont want the 'graphics owns' award anymore?

well done to halo 3. may the 360 be remembered for halo 3:)

green5338d ago (Edited 5338d ago )

Very well said, so have a bubble 4 that.

dro5338d ago (Edited 5338d ago )



did u build an account just to say

dont take away my bubbles because im giving bubbles to a halo fan ps3 fan bois (-_-)

Sitdown5338d ago

"Me, I could care less, it's G4. What the hell do they know - not much."

I guess they know enough to get you sucked into a thread to discuss their picks. we sit back and wait for people to come in and say that they were paid off to give out those awards.

morganfell5338d ago

Sitdown, you a mile. It wasn't G4's choices or comments that brought me into the thread. Think about it a few seconds....3....2....1 Get it now? It was the OPs comments. See?

uxo225338d ago

Yo man,

In all actuallity, the awards were handed out based on the vote pledged by people. It doesn't matter if it was G4, MTV, or CNN all they did was report the results of the votes.

So really though, you do sound a bit jealous.

Montrealien5338d ago (Edited 5338d ago )


Cheese whiz f*cking rocks! NO reason to laugh at condiments now..

morganfell5338d ago (Edited 5338d ago )

uxo, do me a favor. Seriously tell me you don't think my dislike for G4 is based on just Euphoria awards? You can't be so imperceptive. No one could or else they couldn't walk and chew gum at the same time. My issues with G4 are far and away more important than Euphoria, an awards show that couldn't cut it as a regular auditorium event.

One other thing, it should be obvious that G4 themselves had very little to do with my post but rather were an aside. The thread is more of a platform to discuss having to take the good news with the bad. It was also a chance to give people a choice. You want game of the year and want to use Euphoria as a yardstick? Fine. You just surrendered one of the things I hear 360 supporters talk about most - graphics.

Do I think G4 is a good yardstick? That should be obvious. But then again, I didn't start the thread treating it like one now did I?

uxo225338d ago

To be honest with you, I really don't know what your dislike for G4 is about. Perhaps you feel they unfairly support one system over the other. Perhaps you feel that they are not carrying enough shows about gaming, I honestly don't really care to know. But I will say this, it's not a question of using "G4" as a yardstick.

However, they did take a fair sampling (Or at least presented the opportunity for a fair sampling.)of voters to try and see what the people liked.

I do think that they have better controls in place than some of these fanboy blog sites running polls while allows for multiple votes from anonymous users. Either way, the winners in G4's categories were decided by the people and "NOT" by G4, unless you want to call "conspiracy".

Really though, I have no beef with you, I was just telling you how your comments appeared to be coming off. Go on and do what you do, no argument here.

morganfell5337d ago

Judas Priest is it that difficult to understand? I don't have an issue with HALO winning Game of the Year? I don't. I can't stand G4, but I don't have an issue with HALO3 winning. Is it that much of a conundrum for some people?

uxo, I don't have an issue with HALO winning, I don't. I don't think it broke boundaries or innovated at all. I think there were games on both systems that surpassed it. But I like HALO...a lot. I have an issue with people that want to say "Woohoo HALO won GOTY." And then when you point out the PS3 has the best graphics - MGS4 took that award - you get the response "Er, well, that's bullshit!"

Sorry, but people can't have it both ways. You either say the poll and findings were crap or you say "Woohoo, HALO3 GOTY and oh yeah, the 360 is second place in the graphics department." For all the people crowing about the award they have to remember it wasn't the only award.

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Viktor E5338d ago

Their highly Compressed game(That is,Halo 3),will be announced for the Nintendo Wii as it will require no downgrade to run on Nintendos platform

Montrealien5338d ago (Edited 5338d ago )

Lair is awesome, and I'm a LvL 2 Gamer in my PsN profile. Yay! I love Uncharted and trophies, give me more.

on another note, Grats Halo! Grats Bungie! Victor is a troll, nothing more.

rabble rabble babble...pew pew!

*runs in to a wall*

*rolls on the floor*

*does the bacon*

Noel Sulik5338d ago

I really like Halo 3. I play it every day online. It is very awesome with friends. But I don't think it should of won GOTY

green5338d ago

i hope you know that it's the viewers that voted for it.

Legion5338d ago

Correct! This is viewers voting. Gives you an interesting idea of what they think about the games they play instead of what the gaming journalists think.

Of course then you go to think of who is the demographic that G4 caters too? I always thought it was Nintendo fans before, but looks like they didn't care enough to vote? Or maybe just not old enough to be online unsupervised? ha

green5338d ago

Nintendo fans voted in masses to ensure best racing was handed out to them.It was on over whelming victory for Mario Kart Wii.

Legion5338d ago

Hhhmmm... maybe it was the only game they still play? Heard that not many games on Wii are played that much. Just bought and forgotten. (Wii fit comes to mind...)

I am shocked that Sony fans did not vote for their beloved Gran Turismo game!!! Wow, no love???

green5338d ago

Well again, they voted for Metal Gear Solid 4 in the graphics department and it won.Morganfell above seems to feel that that is the most important aspect of a game.

As for wii fit.They got some of those digital bathroom scales at my gym 4 weeks ago, just to see if it will catch on.Well for the fact that they are no longer there makes your point really valid.

Legion5338d ago

yep MGS4 got love and even came close to getting a GOTY win. (what? 40 votes shy?)

But still shocked that Grand Turismo didn't get the love from all the fans claiming it is the next coming when relating to racing games.

As for my bathroom scale... if it would quit lieing to me then I would use it more!

TheColbertinator5338d ago

I think Mass Effect or Bioshock should have gotten GOTY.The single player experience on both is much better than Halo 3.Halo 3 was dissapointing to me because I expected more than 16 players.No one plays big team battle anymore and I lost interest in Halo 3 long ago.

I miss vehicles but nowadays the kids playing Halo 3 just want to play rumble rockets or some lame mode

xhairs95338d ago

G4TV is complete rubbish and that's not just because Halo 3 won some award. After G4TV posted the side-by-side comparisons of that racing game from 360/PS3 and said the PS3 version was horrible compared to the 360 I lost all respect for them. Why? Because in fact, there was no PS3 version of the game represented in that video, they were both 360 videos...that's why. If they can't tell you the truth why should we trust them?

These awards they hand out are just as qualified as me saying I give MGS4 Game of the Year. Let's be honest people...why was MGS4 or mostly any of these games included in this "awards show"? GOTY 2007 goes to Halo 3. Not surprised because MGS4 came out in 2008. Get a grip people, if they wanted to do 2007 awards it should have been done in Jan. or Feb. -- it's too late now. They're including 1/2 of 2008 with all of 2007 that's practically 2 years.

uxo225338d ago

I beg to differ that G4 is pointed more toward Nintendo fans. For a long time nintendo has be associated with younger gamers. If you watch the programs that are on g4 (Attack of the Show, Ninja Warrior, XPlay, and others) you would know that it's hardly trying to appeal to the younger crowd. AOT has sexual puns and all types of adultish content, that a traditional nintendo users (Younger) would not be allowd to view.

These votes were made be 18 - 35 year old gamers in my opinion. And I think for the most part they got it right.

ARBitrator5338d ago (Edited 5338d ago )

Considering that I'm SURE halo got ZERO votes in any category from PS3 fans due to their undying hatred (Jealousy) for the title, and it still pulls it out. That just adds to how good this game really is.

One could argue that COD4 should have won best graphics, but since MSG4 won that, there is no one complaining. Additionally, mario cart won best racing game over GT5P, but there's not much to be heard. People would much rather whine about HALO3's victory.

You know how the saying goes " You can measure one's success by either it's imitation/duplication or by the hate provided by the opposing faction."

In this case the "hate" says it all.

Legion5337d ago

I should have said XPLAY instead of G4. Seems like Adam has this love for old school little kid type games.

He has ragged on Nintendo a bit but gives them way too much credit for just being kiddsie and having his favorite types of games. He is totally in Love with the DS and gives old school games too much credit.

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v1c1ous5338d ago

it's a great game yeah ok, stop freaking giving it #1 every single chance just b/c it has the most causal appeal of the hardcore gamers.


5338d ago
5338d ago
Le-mo5338d ago

The GOTY award made no sense. Call of Duty 4 won Best Shooter and Best Online Multiplayer yet Halo 3 won GOTY. G-Phoria wins an award for having the most illogical awards.

Legion5338d ago

Goes to show you fans that vote don't care about all of the categories.

You are going to find skewed awards when it comes down to the fans doing the voting. Most don't care to place a vote in all the areas.

uxo225338d ago

When you look at Halo, it carried high marks in all of the gaming categories. It's like a person winning 2 gold medals and placing 4th 6th and 9th in other events. The you have another having 1 gold, 2 bronze, and 3 silvers. The ladder person is overall better. i.e. halo3. (Sorry, kinda in the olympic spirit.)

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