How Xbox Kinect can transform breasts - literally

At Sheffield Hallam university’s Centre for Sports Engineering Research, doctors Jon Wheat, Simon Choppin and consultant surgeon Amit Goyal have developed a technique for assessing which implants to use for breast reconstruction following the removal of a tumour.

Currently surgeons use their own visual judgement, which can be imprecise. However, the Sheffield Hallam team have used an unlikely source – the Xbox Kinect – to develop an alternative.

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dcbronco3168d ago

Whose says Kinect is useless?

Foehammer3168d ago

Only those who don't own one.

This isn't the first time I've seen the medical community embrace Kinect.

They know good tech, they have to

gangsta_red3168d ago

Maybe this is the reason MS has decided to make/push their Hololens more of an outside use than a gaming focus one.

Meninblack73168d ago

They said that Kinect is furure of gaming. Boy how they tricked us.

dcbronco3167d ago

Meninblack must be a dead man. The future of gaming is still evolving. Just because developers haven't figured out how to use it doesn't mean it's not useful. They could be doing a better job.

Another huge problem is the number of sheep gamers. When Wii came out and later Kinect, there was the constant rumbling of looking like a fool waving your hands around. Now we have PlayStation Move and VR and I've never heard that charge leveled once. Society loses out on a lot of good things because we allow the sheep to dictate based on the whims of the ignorant.

Necr0philiac3168d ago

I have always been highly impressed by what the Kinect 2 is able to do. It is a shame no one is attempting to make games for it.


Fallout: London will nuke the next-gen update, in true Fallout fashion

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Helldivers 2 Players Urge the Devs to Change the War Dynamics

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Sometimes the orders are fascist busy work, other times they are a scripted chapter in an ongoing theater of war.

And I bet they pace out significant events they have planned based on when player count begins to dwindle.

That’s what GaaS models typically ARE.

If anything, Arrowhead is just doing it GREAT so often with their significant events, which most GaaS’s I’ve played lacked, that the typical GaaS busy work eras stand out as “meh” for the genre for once…

DOMination-42m ago

Why is N4G / Videogamer insistent on pushing articles on this game as well as ZZZ & xDefiant so much? Every time I log in, there's multiple articles at the top with no comments and small temperature so its obvious people aren't interested in them. (obviously people ARE interested in Helldivers not THIS type of content - I mean we don't need 5 articles a day on every little change).

I don't have a problem with the pinning - it's their site so they can do what they want and understandably they are going to weight their own content - but why all these random articles about these three games in particular? It comes across as either undisclosed sponsored content or AI generated crap.


Discussing Diablo 4: Vessel of Hatred, The Spiritborn Class & Staying Fresh After 27 Years

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