PSP extended life battery kit is discontinued

According to SCEA's Al de Leon, the extended battery life kit for PSP is discontinued. The product nearly doubled the battery life on PSP-2000 systems, but came at a slight aesthetic price: a larger battery cover would be installed, creating a bulge in the system. However, with battery life as impressive as 12 hours or more, we were absolutely satisfied with the peripheral.

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Noel Sulik3750d ago

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo o!!
PSP extended life battery kit you will be missed.

Skerj3750d ago

WTF? It's not like they weren't selling, my only guess is that they have one that offers the same power at a size that fits in the slim by default.

ThanatosDMC3750d ago

But i like my fat battery with my fat PSP.... they should go with 3200maH

enjoi1873750d ago

and it was 50 know one wants to buy a freakin 50 dollar battery lol...just not morale

Horny3750d ago

I hope they come out with a new smaller one if not I need to pick one up before they run out.

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