Analysts: PS2 Rules 06, Xbox 360 Disappointing

Gamasutra asked video game market analysts to wrap up their thoughts on the year 2006, picking their brains on the health and performance of the industry. While most were positive on the PlayStation 2 and the Nintendo DS, Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter went a bit more negative, namely on underperforming sales of the Xbox 360.

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devv055262d ago

Ten million sells in a year being still pretty new in the consoleworld is dissapointing?

D R Fz5262d ago

Disappointing because that is all it could do in a year without any competition. And now that competition has arrived it's going to be more choices. The lower end console, PS2/Wii or the higher end xbox360/Ps3. It's very unlikely for the sales of the xbox 360 to get any higher than 10 million in a year ever again because competition is here and options are available which is why analysts find it disappointing.

devv055262d ago

They had invisible competition since many people were waiting what Sony and Nintendo would do. So they did have competition, maybe even worse than when the PS3 would have been already out and Xbox 360 looked better, again.

Monchichi0255262d ago

This article is from KOTAKU.COM, a Japanese based website that is VERY, VERY, negative on the X-box 360. Anyone who ever comes on this site regularly can tell you that the majority of negative 360 articles come from them. They will use any little comment about the 360 to make it look bad. This article isn't even worth talking about. All bullshit!

Bill Nye5262d ago

Kotaku is not based in Japan.

And Kotaku has had its fair share of PS3 bashing... mostly by Brian Ashcraft.

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Juevani5262d ago

hahahaha, sweet now xbots... good find kingboy

ronscrote5262d ago

In my experience, most people are coming to the conclusion that the PS3 is overhyped, over expensive and inferior to the 360 - at least in the ways that matter. Expect 360 sales to rise as MS takes a big chunk out of Sony's ass in 2007!

D R Fz5262d ago

Thats interesting news. And now with PS3 and Wii in the Mix, there will be an even greater loss in sales for the 360. O well.

5262d ago
ronscrote5262d ago

Wii is gimicky and will grow old fast. PS3 is too expensive, too little and too late. 360 wins this generation whether they outsell the competition or not. What's important is that they take a bigger chunk of Sony's market share this generation. With Sony offering so much assistance, how could they fail?

Marriot VP5262d ago

hmmm, let's see here, a console selling at 400 dollars compared to a console selling at 100 some dollars.

If your really this desperate to downplay the 360, why don't you compare the PS2 sales to the PS3's in 2007. You really think there's gonna be any difference in comparison between the two.

the TRUTH is that their not in the same BRACKET to compare

kingboy5262d ago

ps3 just launched last month and it`s suffering from great shortages..nuff said. oh maybe we should compare japanese sales too..(ps3 vs xbox 360)

Marriot VP5262d ago (Edited 5262d ago )

that's why I said 2007, fanboy. Last time I checked 2007 isn't coming to a close anytime soon.

Are you really this insecure you have to bridge generation gaps between consoles?

5262d ago
D R Fz5262d ago

Because if you cannot see that Sony is only benefiting from this, then you ignorance surpasses that of the worst fanboys. I'll break it down for you. Sony owns the PS2 and the PS3. Microsoft owns the Xbox and Xbox360. With the rise of the Xbox360, Xbox, a last gen system, sales crashed and died. On the other hand, the Ps2, a previous gen system, continues to live on despite the introduction of the xbox 360 to the market. This only helps Sony because while Ps3 might have had a shaky start, Ps2 is there to hold the market until ps3 is ready to take over. Sony benefits because its ps2 is keeping the sales of the xbox 360 low, and when everyone is truly ready for nextgen, with the new amounts of diodes being manufactured as we speak, the ps3 will been ready for those millions of ps2 owners ready for a familiar name(Sony) to give them a familiar and better experience(ps3).
Do not tell me that PS2 and Xbox 360 are in different brackets. Are they not consoles manufactured for the same purpose, gaming? Do you think the fact that one console being last gen or new gen matters when it comes to sales?
Paul don't make us laugh. Go home, do more research then come back when you're ready to say something beneficial.

Marriot VP5262d ago (Edited 5262d ago )

who said anything about who benefits??
I said you shouldn't bridge generations. Your really hung up on which company benefits and that's just sad.

But to break it down for you, the more steady PS2 sales are the LESS people will jump to the PS3. So yah, that's a bad thing for Sony lovers. If PS3 fans wanted anything, it would be for the PS2 to "die". This would mean consumers are ready and willing to jump into the PS3 at 600 a pop.

The point is that with video game consoles, PRICE IS EVERYTHING. Maybe not for hardcore gamers or techies, but for the overwhelming majority price is the most important by far. More PS2's selling just shows the size of normal consumers buying 100 dollar consoles.

ronscrote5262d ago

It's so sad and pathetic that these PS3 fanboys feel compelled to draw such lame comparisons.

JasonPC360PS3Wii5262d ago

I'm getting a little tired of this same old sh!t. The PS3 vs. Xbox 360 comparisons keep showing the 360 with the advantage. So Sonyheads find current gen vs. last gen news to make there Sony heads feel better. I can buy a PS2 on ebay with 20 freaking games for under $200 of freaking course it’s going to sell better. I have seen about 50 articles (maybe an exaggeration but it feels like 50) about PS2 vs. 360. Why? Because like I said above PS3 keeps getting negative press vs. the 360.

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darx5262d ago

jump on my 360 a play a little.