Extreme Gamer: Puzzle Quest: Revenge of the Plague Lord Review

Extreme Gamer writes: "Puzzle Quest fans, D3 Publisher brings the expansion pack Revenge of the Plague Lord to the Xbox Live Arcade. This robust add-on features a tremendous amount of new content including four new hero professions. Revenge of the Plague Lord is a great excuse to spend a few more hours with one of the most captivating titles in the arcade.

Infinite Interactive's Puzzle Quest has gained a lot of praise since it debuted on the Xbox Live Arcade in October of last year. Puzzle Quest is a cross-breeding of gaming genres merging the statistics and drama of a role-playing game with the action of a Bejeweled styled puzzle game. Puzzle Quest is easily one of the most innovative titles to be released last year on the Xbox Live service. This Playstation Portable, Nintendo DS versions port has really come to life on the Xbox 360 which brings us to the review of Revenge of Plague Lord, the latest download for Puzzle Quest."

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