Extreme Gamer: Soul Calibur IV Review

Extreme Gamer writes: "Soul Calibur makes the leap to the next-gen consoles in its fourth alliteration of the popular fighting franchise. Like Soul Calibur II the elitists in Soul Calibur IV will be tested against an unstoppable force from a galaxy far, far away. I'm talking about Star War's premiere characters Yoda, Darth Vader, and the Apprentice from the upcoming action game "Force Unleashed". If that bullet point wasn't enough to sway your vote already, Namco Bandai has packed Soul Calibur IV full of goodies for everyone from the first time Souls, to the long time Soul Calibur fans. Another soul has been absorbed, enjoy.

Fighting games don't come around too often anymore. So when we see the glimmer of hope of a new version of an old classic, it is easy to become overjoyed with fond memories of when the fighting games ruled the arcade. Namco Bandai's Soul Calibur IV has taken some time to make its debut on current gaming platforms, but like they say 'all good things come for those who wait', well Soul Calibur IV was definitely worth the wait. In many ways, Soul Calibur IV reminds me more of Soul Calibur II then its last release on the PS2. The main reason would be its console exclusive characters from outside of the Soul Calibur universe. In 2003 it was Spawn (Xbox), Link (Gamecube) and Tekken's Heihachi Mishima (PS2). Now the platforms numbers have shrunk by one and we see George Lucas freely licensing three characters from the Star Wars Universe."

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nos4speed4357d ago

seriously when are these soul caliber 4 reviews going to stop being submitted, hell GTA4 didnt have this many reviews, in the last 4 days ive seen like 4million soul cal 4 reviews on this site.