UGO: Wheelman Preview

UGO writes: "Back in April at Midway's annual Gamer's Day we finally got to take a look at The Wheelman, an open-world action game set in Barcelona which stars Vin "Riddick" Diesel. Well Midway was in New York City yesterday and we got to check out the game's E3 build, which we sadly missed a couple weeks back in Los Angeles. Worried by the recent news that the game has been pushed back to a 2009 release, we sat down expecting the worst. The surprise was a pleasant one however; The Wheelman will certainly benefit from six or so more months of polish, but the game is looking and feeling pretty sharp right now even in its current incarnation.

First off, we learned a bit more about the game's overall structure. The Wheelman's story will unfold across four chapters. Roughly two-thirds of the massive Barcelona map will be accessible from the start, with the additional areas opening up completely by chapter three. Closed-off sections of the city will apparently be justified by some sort of threat to local polticians, though exactly what the threat is and how it ties into the story is being kept quiet for now."

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