Editorial: The Fanboy Never Wins

Just because the fanboys are more aggressive and threatening than every doesn't mean they're actually going to win. No, they always lose, and now, the hostile attitude is worse than ever.

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CrizzleC243725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

I know mods dont like html, but I think this should be the exception.

Direct quote from either the largest or worst Playstation fanboy on earth-
(Commenting on "X-Play G-Phoria 08: Best Handheld Game")

"As expected,nothing for the Xbox platform
No wonder Xbox 360 owners are depressed all the time,being on the losing team must suck very much"

Oh by the way, MGS6 SUCKS!!!!! (it may not exist, but apparently thats not a problem for the die-hard ps3 fanboys)


Bubble me! (these moments of hilarity don't come for free)

Oh and by the way, Xbots may never win, because we're in 2nd place. Guess who's in third.....yeah.

(the "xbots" exist to ensure some form of sanity in the world with real sales figures from npd instead of Sony's articles which usually start with,"ZOMG PS3 JST SLOD 6,000,888,100,000 UTINS!!!!111!!!" or "4D Graphics to PS3" or "Raytracing" or perhaps my favorite,
"Ps3 games to run at 120fps")

Solid_Snake6663725d ago

the only reason xbox has more consoles is because every1 has had about 4 or 5 because of RROD

TheMART3725d ago

Well yes but its all logical




is here again. And he has multiple accounts. Another account:

And he probably even has a couple more to agree with himself and bubble up if possible...

GOTY 20073725d ago

lol Nasim never wins.

Nasim almost fails as hard as the crappy BS3 CGi trailer machine with not even half as many games as the Xbox 360 ...and the games the BS3 does have...all run better on the XBox 360! Inferior online. Inferior wanna-be Xbox Live achievements( only have 2 LMFAO)

Everything about CGiTrailerstation loses. Including it's position in console wars right now.


Obama3725d ago

haha pog aka mart, you should not be the one talking about multiple accounts XD.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3725d ago

Because i have got a PLAYSTATION!!!
PS1 = WIN!
PS2 = WIN!
PS3 = WIN!

xBox 1 = FAIL!
xBox 360 = FAIL!
xBot Lemmings on this = FAIL!!! ;-D

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PoSTedUP3725d ago

their are many different types of fanboys/fans. i always win ; )

Viktor E3725d ago

I assume you own a Playstation console in your household,hence the reason why you always win

mikeslemonade3725d ago

Here are couple examples how fanboys convinced developers to do something:
1. Madden PS3 version is now 60 frames and equal to the 360 version whereas last year it was totally gimped and we complained.
2. Convincing Sony to keep MGS4 exclusive and also they bundle MGS4 with the PS3. I believe Sony didn't think MGS4 was such a big deal until people started talking about MGS4 along with the PS3 in message boards. Also FF sells more software and they let that go because fanboys talked about MGS4 more than FFXIII.

3725d ago
TheColbertinator3725d ago

Fanboys are all right.No big deal.The trolls on the other hand can just got to hell.

Skadoosh3725d ago

Fanboys are pathetic. Kids that have serious life issues and need serious medical attention. This site is about 99% rabid sony fanboys. And they are seriously loony tunes. Cahill/Nasim anyone??? My question is, where are all the 360 fanboys? I'm sure they're some crazy ones also but I haven't seen any of them on here.

El_Colombiano3725d ago

You should have been here last year this time.

mistertwoturbo3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

"My question is, where are all the 360 fanboys?"

Jason 360, TheMart, Agent VX, toughNAME, LightningPS3, Saint Sony, Xbox is the Best, Power of Green, Zhuk, CrizzleC24 and more new ones.

Seriously, go into the Open Zone. That's where most of them are locked up.

Skadoosh3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

I just checked. It's full of sony fanboys cursing. I have yet to have a argument with a 360 fanboy cuz I haven't seen one. If I did they weren't as stupid as the sony fanboys. Just go into a MGS thread or a KZ thread and you wont see much hatred. Go to a Too Human or a Halo 3 and it's just nonstop bashing by the sony fanboys. Embarrassing really.

TOSgamer3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

This place use to be overrun with 360 fanboys in early-mid 2k7 constantly bashing the PS3. But they started to slowly disappear as the ps3 user base grew and the 360 didn't annihilate the PS3 in the Holiday season of 2k7 like they all predicted. Who knows where they are now.

TheColbertinator3725d ago

@Skadoo The fanbases are changing again.One thing you should be aware of are former 360 fans who were originally PS2 fans and finally returned to the PS3 fanbase.Times change.Many 360 fans also were pissed by RROD and bought a PS3 for worries of console failure.PS3 fans also came from the Wii fanbase who has become displeased with Nintendo forsaking the hardcore gamer.I have many friends on PSN and Xbox Live who were former Nintendo fanboys.

But dont worry,PS3 fans are actually good people who also have 360s.Sony trolls are just annoying though.They mostly socialize with themselves

GOTY 20073725d ago

lol 99% of PS3 fanboys on this website are Nasim. I guarantee you.

There aren't even that many PS3 fanboys. It just seems like there are more becuase Nasim has no real life and lives his life through dozens upon dozens of PS3 fanboy persona's...on NG4.

I know ALOT of Xbox 360 owners. Trust me. They aren't even remotely considering moving from the XBox the Playstation 3.

TheColbertinator3725d ago

@GOTY 2007 You should read what I said about changing times.Most PS3 owners are 360 owners also.Have you ever thought that maybe people can have a 360 and then prefer the PS3? Just let people decide for themselves what they wanna play.

By the way,the game of the year 07 wasn't Halo 3,it was Mass Effect.That game was sweet.

mistertwoturbo3725d ago

COD4 is the true game of the year 2007. Why? Because it didn't matter if it was 360 or PS3, everybody agrees. That game rocks.

juuken3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )'re a fanboy calling other people fanboys. I wonder how does that work out?

Lol, @ GOTY 2007. It seems like 360 owners are very paranoid of seeing Nasim everywhere lately. What, did he scare the crap out of your guys of something?

I can assure you I'm not Nasim, lol.

EDIT: And I am not a mister, I am a maa'm thank you very much. You know what I hate? 360 fanboys. They act as if their console is the greatest thing since sliced bread because they have all these 3rd party titles and the company they support keeps stealing more. It's really amazing hearing them brag about how Microsoft got this and how they got that.

Ya gotta shake your head sometimes.

"yes things for the ps3 are getting better but when you still have problems with some multiplayer and multiplatform games, its not worth going through the hassles."

I sure hope you're not saying this when 2009/2010 comes around Snuka because I can assure you that multi-platform games are in fact looking better on the PS3 once developers understand the PS3 more. As for me, I have much use for bluray because in the future it will give me high definition games.

Wooow, and look at the disagrees fly! On your mark...get set...SLAM DISAGREE BUTTONS!

Skadoosh3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Mister, since I lost a bubble because of the crybaby sony fanboys I'm posting here. So I hate everything Sony? I tell you what. Try to find a comment on my previous posts that bashes Sony or the ps3 and if you do, I'll change my name to Mistertwoturbo's fan. I don't hate all that is Sony. I just hate Sony fanboys and if you don't think this site is about 90% sony fanboys than you must be one of them.

Arak at below*

"this is abouth at lease 6- 10 years not abouth 2 years" That made no sense kid. TIme to put your controller down and pick up a book. Reading is fundamental.

arakouftaian3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

sony fanboys because now sony is in a better position n xbox fans cant talk s$^%&, i mean look at KZ, MGS4 ,U:DF, MS2:PR RESISTENCE N MANY OTHER GOOD PS3 GAMES, what does Xbox have? a replica of NG2, A replica of UT3, A replica of BK, a replica of Fable2 n the last but most important replica i forgot the name of that game hahaha how ironic...

edit: i dont know why the disagrees see that what fanboys do when they dont like the true they disagree but is the true xbox r getting the same games just whit a few add-ons n the ps3 r getting new nice well done gameplay n IPs even if MGS4 is a old IP the game play is unique n fresh i mean xbox was good better than the ps3 the firths 2 years but then what??? this is about at lease 6- 10 years not about 2 years

Snukadaman3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

And you dont think the ps3 deserved being bashed at that point....where madden 07 was not even 60fps....where people expecting a full version of a fan favorite warhawk to be butchered into only a multiplayer online game.....I will admit as we speak I have no reason to buy a ps3 at this point because I have no need for blu-ray, but to say that bashing was not warranted at that time is going far beyond the call of being a fanboy....yes things for the ps3 are getting better but when you still have problems with some multiplayer and multiplatform games, its not worth going through the hassles if you already own a xbox.

TheColbertinator3725d ago


Actually many Xbox 360 owners are very pleased with the PS3.And 360 owners have been moving to PS3 for several reasons inlcuding hardware reliabilty and true exclusives that dont end up on PC.These new PS3 owners are content with what they have.For no cost at all,they get a lag-free online,in-game XMB,plenty of multiplyer titles like Warhawk and MGO,voice chat,Playstation Eye support,a good marketplace with many quality arcade titles,and a decent video store.All for free.Sure its not perfect but compare the free PSN service to the free Wii service and you'll notice a great difference.Also I forgot to mention upcoming trophy support.

There are less things to hate from the PS3 than back in 2007 so times are changing.Remember the huge amount of PS2 owners back in 2004? Now they are buying a PS3 and catching up with next gen.Keep in mind all I said was truth and I have no reason to insult the 360 because I like to play it also

power of Green 3725d ago

The ones that are left on this site are all trapped in the openzone where the fanboys keep them. lol

SuperM3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

There is a difference between preffering the sony console, being a sony fan, and being a sony fanboy. So yea there are alot of people on this site that prefers ps3 over xbox. Is it more then 90%? i really doubt that. Now most of the people prefering ps3 are not fanboys. If someone says they like ps3 games better then 360 games, that doesnt make them fanboys. You obviously thinks so. The fanboys are the ones that keep saying that the other console sucks. An example being 360 fanboys claims ps3 has no games, and they all suck (hmm is that even possible?) or a ps3 fanboy says gears of war is the worst thing that ever happend, claiming his mother died of just looking at the superugly cover.

There are probably more sony fanboys then 360 fanboys at this site. But if you compare how many pro sony people vs pro 360 people there is atleast as many 360 fanboys as a percentage of pro 360 people.

And dont think for a second that sony fanboys are any worse then 360 fanboys. If you look at other websites you are likely to see more 360 fanboys then sony fanboys, and all fanboys are the same. Its actually a little funny, 2 fanboys on different sides raging against eachother, calling eachother retards and not knowing how much they are the same. Well i guess they were both right, they are both retards.

Anyway please cut the crap about this site being 99% sony fanboys or 90% sony fanboys. Its way way exxagerated and it makes you look like a fanboy yourself.

@ Snukadaman

So the ps3 deserved to be bashed because EA didnt manage to make madden run at 60fps? Gawd... Im sure i can find some crappy game developed exclusively on the 360 because the company couldnt afford developing for the ps3 aswell (or didnt have the skill). Hey maybe i should blame microsoft since that game sucked. Funny thing is if you were pro ps3 skadoosh would call you a sony fanboy. I bet he doesnt count you as a 360 fanboy

Snukadaman3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago ) come out and say "Next gen does not start when we say it does" and have any game on your console under perform is a slap in the face to most supporters. also add the fact that there were no games for the ps3 at this time...many were delayed from launch which strengthened the idea that the ps3 was not a game console but a cheaper blu-ray player.

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