Opinion: Some videogame journalists go too far to generate traffic

From the article, "The field of video game journalism places writers in opinionated positions. They write the same types of stories as newspaper journalists - news, features, opinions and reviews - but also must entertain their audience.

In addition, the news stories are often regurgitated press releases. Take a six or seven paragraph press release and condense it down to three or four. This gives writers a bit of freedom as to how to handle their articles.

Especially if said video game journalists are working at a blog, much like this one. They are often called upon to be witty, to provide information and entertainment that 20 or 30 other sites aren't to get more web traffic.

However, some blog writers are willing to go too far by isolating and insulting a portion of their audience in order to appeal to the largest - males age 13-27 - demographic."

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