TrueGameHeadz Preview Impressions: Shaun White Snowboading

TrueGameHeadz writes: "Shaun White looked great onstage at Nintendo's E3 press conference showing off his upcoming game for the Wii, but just because the red-headed pro snowboarder looked good on stage, doesn't mean that the game was necessarily good. Fortunately for the gamers out there who love a good snowboarding game (and haven't had a good one to play for quite some time now) there is a bit of hope in "Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip" for the Wii. I recently had a chance to spend a bit of time with my feet on the Wii version and my hands on the Xbox 360 version, and you might be surprised which one I actually preferred.

I was able to play two different modes of the Wii version of the game; once down the mountain in a timed race, and a couple trick-heavy trips through the half-pipe. All the runs were completed with my feet on the balance board controlling my speed, direction, and balance control. I also had the Wiimote in my hand to control grabs and a trick-triggered power boost."

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