TeamXbox: NHL 2K9 Hands-on Preview

TeamXbox writes: "Hockey season will be upon us before you know it (didn't it just end?), which means the chase for the cup will be in full swing here shortly. No, not it's not Lord Stanley's beautiful mountain of metal that's being pursued just yet. We're talking about that fight between Electronic Arts and 2K (Visual Concepts) to see who has put together the best hockey game of the year.

The NHL is one of the last few professional sporting bodies that hasn't gone exclusive with a single publisher. This breeds healthy competition between EA and Visual concepts, which results in better games for the consumer.

Although Visual Concepts seemed to have the upper hand in the original Xbox days, Electronic Arts sharpened its skates in the next-gen and has put out some fine titles for the Xbox 360. 2K and Visual Concepts (VC) are hoping to turn the tides this year with the release of NHL 2K9, which is slated for a September 9th release."

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