GameSpy: Siren: Blood Curse Review

GameSpy writes: "2004's Siren was a quiet diamond in the rough. The survival horror title, helmed by a member of the Silent Hill team, fused a similar sort of yarn (a small, haunted town filled with humanoid monstrosities and occult dabblings) with some quirky gameplay techniques that contributed to the anxious surroundings. Although the sequel, Siren: Blood Curse isn't completely a remake of its predecessor, it feels like a retelling. Although it's got gameplay issues, it's a highly tense game that's worth any horror fan's time and money.

Blood Curse takes place over a 48 hour period. An American TV crew is visiting Hanuda, a small Japanese village in which unspeakable horrors take place every thirty years. Zombie-fied insanity ensues. The village is overrun with these undead denizens, known as Shibito, and their mission is to convert any remaining humans to their side. Like its PS2 predecessor, Blood Curse fuses horror with multiple character perspectives and it own unique gameplay twist, sightjacking. As you go through the game, you can tap into the brains of prowling Shibito and figure out what their plan of attack could be. It's a little tough to talk about precisely what events transpire, or how, but you'll scratch your head more than once as you tap into seven different people throughout the experience."

+A tense horror title that drip feeds its narrative effectively
+Great visuals and episodic presentation

-Clunky, archaic controls and camera are as much of an enemy as zombies
-Whole game is a whopping nine gigs

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