Game Revolution: Reset Generation Review

Game Revolution writes: "Son of a bitch: It just got a lot harder for us to make sweeping, dismissive cracks about the diminutive, oft-dubious state of 'mobile gaming'-and it's all the fault of Nokia Games, and especially Reset Generation's Senior Producer/Concept Designer Scott Foe. Dinky-screened and new-fangled as it may be, this little 'mobile game' kicks some major, old-school, princess-saving, pipe-traversing, block-dropping ass. All the while, it pays loving homage to the very 8- and 16-bit gaming roots from which it came to life, and creates a stream of pop-culture references that nerds, geeks, and general dorkwads of all stripes can connect with.

Actually, Reset Generation is technically a PC game, too (it's in this section, isn't it?)-as anybody with a computer and a halfway-decent net connection can play it for free at It's a cross-platform, online multiplayer action/strategy game for PC and N-Gage-capable handsets (with more compatible devices to come), launched worldwide in seven languages simultaneously. Surprisingly, the mobile-device version of the game is every bit the equal of its PC-playable counterpart, right down to the character voicework, animations and various assorted bits of presentational polish. Whether you're playing on your burly desktop gaming-rig computer or on the morning train via your N-Gage-capable phone, you'll be on equal footing."

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