Rocket Ranger Reloaded Grounded, Kickstarter Backers Get Refunds

Dan Miller writes: "As previously reported, in September 2015 developer Cinemaware gave backers of Rocket Ranger Reloaded the opportunity to vote on whether or not the troubled project should continue. At the time two thirds of those who voted opted to permit Cinemaware two more years, but six weeks later a backer-only update has confirmed the project is cancelled and all pledges will be refunded."

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tanukisuit1073d ago

Hmmm, the main character looks like The Rocketeer:


GregMicek1072d ago

Good call, although I think one could argue it's the other way around since the original Rocket Ranger came out before The Rocketeer.

tanukisuit1072d ago

Never knew that. Haha, I guess you could tell how old I am by my original comment.