Life Is Strange 2 NOT Confirmed According To Writer

Life Is Strange Writer Alain Damasio has confirmed that a Life Is Strange 2 has not been determined as of yet by DontNod Entertainment. This comes after news from a french magazine that misinterpreted the words of Damasio of a sequel happening, he has since clarified that he only would like to be part of a sequel if it were to happen in the future.

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poppinslops2642d ago


Actually, this could be a good thing... (Spoilers?) I'd heard that a 2nd season would follow a new cast, but I already miss Max and Chloe and I reckon they could have a great 'school's out' story - seedy hotels, barfights, bonfires and more of that sweet 'Twin Peaksy' Americana - plus the photography element works so well with the time travel mechanic (better than Stiens;Gate's text-messages).

Just ignore the (presumably) unbearable ending and make me cry more!

cfc832642d ago

End it. The story is finished.