TVGB: Review: Braid

That Video game blog writes: "Braid is the latest Xbox LIVE Arcade release and labor of love offering from developer Number None. It features the artwork and storyline of Jonathan Blow and revolves around a character named Tim, who has to save a princess over the span of seven vibrant worlds. The game, which is billed as a platform game, plays out like a platform puzzler, challenging players to use their wits and rewind time to collect puzzle pieces that form paintings which adorn Tim's house and complete the world chapters.

What Dreams May Come. You may have read the rave reviews or heard all the early rumblings about how gorgeous this game is, or how this game is the best example of a videogame as art. Well believe the hype. This game is knock-you-out beautiful. The graphical stylings of the game look like a Monet painting or like the painting scenes in the Robin Williams movie "What Dreams May Come". Most of the backgrounds have a sharp yet blurred, blotchy effect which is in direct contrast of Tim and the enemies which are sharp and clear. It all works splendidly though."

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