Nintendo Shouldn’t Skyward Sword’ the Next Legend of Zelda Game

OJ from PlayerEssence discusses if the next Legend of Zelda game should come to Wii U and Nintendo NX.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

I don't believe it will.
Of course, I'm not entirely denying the possibility, but evidence shows that the odds aren't in a favor of a cross gen release.
Nintendo went back to console exclusivity once they released Skyward Sword, and even the Game Cube got an exclusive Zelda via Wind Waker.

On top of that, Nintendo has stated repeatedly that it is still being called Zelda U and is still coming to the Wii U, with no indication via name change that it will dual release.
Plus, the timing for it would be off; the NX isn't due till 2017, so delaying it till that long, just for a dual launch that would tick off Wii U owners, isn't sensible for their long-term prospects.

All of these things indicate, to me, that the dual release of Twilight Princess was a one-off exception to the norm, and likely won't be happening again via Zelda U.

_-EDMIX-_1786d ago

They also called titles "64" that still got ported else where after that generation. I always saw Zelda U as a placeholder name until they where ready to reveal what it would be about.

If its indeed still called Zelda U....that merely means its just going to be called something else when it goes to NX. this point its going to NX and everyone sorta sees the writing on the wall.

"NX isn't due till 2017" ?? Link? We don't know when its due, it could release as soon as next fall 2016.

I'm sure Zedla U is still coming to the Wii U, its still likely going to be announced as coming to NX as well lol

I don't think they are delaying it for NX, but they likely have a team already bringing the Wii U version to NX already. Nintendo is a software company too, not just hardware maker, they still make money on software and MORE money on software at that. No Zelda game has ever stated on a console for its life time, they've always ported those titles over to other platforms and I don't see the next Zelda as being any exception, especially after Wii U's horrid sales.

"All of these things indicate, to me, that the dual release of Twilight Princess was a one-off exception to the norm, and likely won't be happening again via Zelda U" don't know that, none of us do and they didn't release those last Zeldas so close to the release of a system.

Majora's Mask came in 2000, Gamecube released in 2001

Link To The Past released in 1992, N64 released in 1996.

Sooooooo as you see, the series has had a history of releasing before a console, BUT in the event it was releasing near a console ie Twilight Princess...dual release.

It may be once, but it also could be their new trend and no evidence actually shows them to not seek to do this again. Consider they also stated they would talk about NX next year ie 2016, consider both MS and Sony released their platforms in 2013....the same year they formally announced BOTH platforms..

Consider Nintendo also announced Wii...the same year it released. Wii U was announced 2011 to release fall 2012...was a failure They may not want to announce and then have a year waiting for the death of their worst platform...

They will likely strike fast after announcement like Wii and like PS4, XONE etc vs a year of marketing of a system while selling a system that is now failing EVEN MORE likely post announcement. Who is buying their worst knowing their new console is coming? They don't want that and will likely release fall the year they announce.

Meaning...yes, Zelda very much like Twilight Princes has a fair chance at being a launch title for NX. Nintendo is no stranger to porting...

Segata1786d ago

Fans call it Zelda U. The actuall name given to us is simply "The Legend of Zelda" as the tentative.

_-EDMIX-_1786d ago

@Segata- thanks! I had a feeling it simply wasn't Zelda U.

Hereiamhereibe21786d ago

Not sure why your getting such negative attention. You are making the most sense out of all other comments here.

wonderfulmonkeyman1786d ago

There isn't any wall writing to read:

#1 Nintendo themselves still refer to it as "The Legend of Zelda for Wii U".
In every instance they've directly talked about it, they've called it as such.

#2 My source for NX not releasing next year?
Examination of precedents, Nintendo's console release habits, and my good old buddy called COMMON SENSE.

- Every home console from Nintendo has released the year FOLLOWING their official announcement, and NX is being announced in 2016.

- There is at least a 5 year gap between 99%, if not all, of Nintendo's consoles, and releasing sooner than that would be akin to Sega's mistake of putting out consoles too close to one-another, giving off the impression that they can't be relied on to support their own systems for a normal span of years.

- Worst platform? Failure? Hardly.
It's made them tons of tidy profit in software and they didn't sell at a loss. Only arm-chair analysts with no sense judge it a failure by units sold alone, and ignore everything else it brought into play for Nintendo. (Native support for Amiibo being one big example)
Wii U's unit sales won't be a justification for breaking trend, especially when the Game Cube got worse sales in software as well as low hardware and still got 5 years.

- The Wii releasing the same announcement year is the one break in precedent that throws any chance of it releasing next year into the mix.
A break the Wii U itself broke, returning to precedent.

To borrow your own words, "the writing on the wall" has been there for ages, for anyone capable of logical examination of Nintendo's past.
Nintendo likes their precedents, and any breaks from them are inevitably short-lived, in these particular cases.

#3 "No Zelda game has ever stated on a console for its life time, they've always ported those titles over to other platforms".
What you're disregarding for the sake of your own convenience, is the fact that every console before the Wii U has had its own exclusive Zelda, regardless of ports.
There is NO REASON to assume the Wii U will break that trend.
If the NX ever sees Zelda U, it won't be until at least a year after its launch, and at that point it will just be done as a run-up to the NX exclusive Zelda title.

In the end, as long as the NX releases with free online multiplayer, or something as ridiculously cheap as $5 a month/multiple months/yearly, and, optionally, has BC with the Wii U, I'll be getting it.
But there's really nothing out there that proves conclusively that it will come next year, and nothing out there that strongly suggests it will be getting Zelda U at the same time the Wii U does, let alone as a launch title, when it (most likely) releases in 2017.

_-EDMIX-_1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

@Hereiamhereibe2- They are free to disagree. Even I as a Nintendo fan, still need to remain realistic with what to expect historically by this company.

Many don't like that and seem to think that because they like them, thus they can do no wrong...

I generally like Nintendo games and own a 3DS. When guessing if Zelda will come to NX or even when NX will come, one must look at the companies history.

They have always ported console Zelda's to other consoles, N64 Zeldas to GC, GC Zeldas to Wii, the whole series pretty much to Wii, Wind Waker to Wii U etc (Wii U being BC to Wii so by default the rest sorta apply)

So the guess of it going on NX day 1 or being on both day and date is very, very likely considering Twilight.

Wii was announced during the same year of its release. It did amazing.

Wii U announced 1 year, released the next, did pretty badly, on top of Wii sales slowing down after the announcement, ie 1 whole year of bad Wii sales clearly due to Wii U's obvious release.

So its likely they will release fall next year, announce early next year as to not waste Wii U sales, as even PS4 and XONE before price cuts, tell you within many times the week of the cut. They won't just tell you "PS4 coming 2013" and its 2011, they won't just tell you "price cut in 6 months" only to have 6 months of dry sales due to people waiting for that price cut lol.

I think Nintendo will do the same, release fall 2016 as to minimize lost sales of the Wii U. If they never intended to announce NX in 2016...they would never say this..

Many seem to take the business talk imho too personally. I'm not saying this because I hate them, I'm saying this because the evidence shows its very likely.

If they are releasing NX in 2016 fall, its very like Zelda is a launch title for it and also coming to Wii U still.

As to why anyone thinks they would leave a Zelda exclusively on a failing platform....beyond me. They need all the boost for NX that they can get and I see NX likely being a handheld that outs to the TV so you can play Zelda on the go or at home like a console.

Wii U won't have that, just like Gamecube didn't have the motion for the Twilight Princess. Clearly NX is offering something to that title that might make them do a duel release. Its not unheard of and it makes sense to when we believe the next Zelda will release.

_-EDMIX-_1786d ago

@Wonder- " Every home console from Nintendo has released the year FOLLOWING their official announcement, and NX is being announced in 2016"

Nope. Wii was announced officially in 2006, released in 2006.

I you even google your research? Wii U didn't, yet Wii U is also the worst selling console they've ever made..pretty sure they are not planning a repeat of that. Announce a console in 2016, yet have a 2017 release while Wii U is getting even WORSE sales the prior? Who is buying a Wii U with NX announced? That is likely why they are going with a year or so marketing for fall 2016.

"f the NX ever sees Zelda U, it won't be until at least a year"

Yet Twilight Princess released day and date on both Wii and Gamecube? Bud...give the fanboy thing a rest, Nintendo is a business, I'm sorry Wii U is failing, but stop begging for the next Zelda to be this life time exclusive, that is extremely unlikely. I have no clue why they would have an ode to not make more money and leave a key IP, on their worst selling platform...

"A break the Wii U itself broke" lolz, you mean the worst selling Nintendo console? Yet....they are going to mirror their release and announcement timing after Wii U and not Wii their best selling in history? Um....sure.

"the Game Cube got worse sales in software" Buddy..please stop trying to soften the blow, Wii U won't likely reach 21 million units...Gamecube at the very least did.

" Worst platform? Failure? Hardly" Coming from you, if they sold 2 million, you legit might spin it to be a great thing. Wii U is the first Nintendo console in 20 years I didn't buy.

As much as I like the companies games, I won't just lie and pretend its not bad.....its extremely bad.

For Nintendo this year to even say they are talking about NX in 2016, is enough to say, they've clearly took a beating and won't keep on with Wii U just because, it failed and they are moving on. They have no ode to keep losing money on a failing platform, they need to move on. (you need to clearly do the same) This will be the worst Nintendo console of all time, period. Its not just going to double in over all sales over night, lets be realistic here bud.

It took 2 and half years for it to do 10 million, yet its going to do 11 in what? 1 year? LOL! Really bud? Um....ok. It will lose sales after NX is announced, I see zero reason for it not to lose sales after they officially announce NX and I don't see Nintendo just sitting back for a year and half waiting for fall 2017 relaying on slow sales of their dead console to keep them alive. That is just beyond slow to really, REALLY believe they will do that.

wonderfulmonkeyman1786d ago

Kid, you've got no right to start slinging the word fanboy around.XD

I already pointed out that the Wii was an anomaly in release date.
Sales of the Wii U aren't going to affect the release date in 2017, because, as has been pointed out by many before now, DITCHING A CONSOLE EARLY IS WHAT KILLED SEGA.
Anyone thinking it's smart to kill off the Wii U early is either a hater who never owned the system and therefore has no right to critique it, or never did their research into how stupid it is to kill off a console too soon.
Wii only got away with it because it catered to casuals.

#2 PFFT! Yeah, someone who doesn't even own the console, unlike me who owns multiple from both Nintendo AND Sony, let alone properly acknowledge the profits it has brought the company as he is stubbornly clinging to unit sales as a reason to call a system a failure, all the while insisting that Nintendo needs to pull a Sega with the Wii U to make the NX succeed (which you likely won't buy either because you obviously hate them now), has no right to judge me, let alone laugh at me, as not having done research, let alone needing to "move on".

The only reason the NX was even mentioned earlier than 2016 was to counter claims that they were moving to mobile, yet Wii U haters like you have used it as justification, against Nintendo's own words, to claim the Wii U is being ditched.
Now THAT, is frickin' hilarious!XD

Sorry, but take a seat.

You can laugh all you like and continue ignoring that THE Wii U HAS BEEN A PROFITS SUCCESS FOR NINTENDO until your last breath, but until Nintendo announces otherwise, the evidence says you're wrong.
And you won't have a winning argument to the contrary until you can find better justification than mere unit sales to claim otherwise.

We're done here.
*mic drop, exits stage right*

_-EDMIX-_1786d ago

"I already pointed out that the Wii was an anomaly in release date" Yes, so lets keep making Wii U choices though? Um sure, I'd like to see them use that "anomaly" in a release and announcement window vs Wii Us bud.


Nope, SEGA was being "KILLED" had no 3rd party, thus had to ditch the console early.

You seem to be confused on what killed that system. Low sales did, Nintendo isn't just going to keep supporting a bad console in sales.


........Wonderfulmonkeyman everyone, not comment necessary.

I'm going to enjoy Fallout 4 right now bud, you of the many games that are not on Nintendo platforms, thus the reason behind their failures as of late. lolz.

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gerbwmu1786d ago

I believe that it will come out 1st on Wii U without any announcement for NX and then like TLOU, it will be ported/remastered/whatever over to NX with some prettier lighting effects and graphics about 6 months after NX is released. Just a guess though. I think a lot of Wii U games may get that treatment considering the numbers sold to make them new and fresh even though I believe NX will be backwards compatible, at least for games available on the eShop. Then again what do I know.

pcz1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

it wont be called zelda U. that is obviously just a working title. the official title will be- the legend of zelda: *insert title* ... as has been the title format for all major zelda games. it wont be called zelda U or the legend of zelda: U. so your theory is incorrect.

nobody knows when the nx will be out. it could be out christmas 2016 for all we know. and nintendo are notorious for taking their time, especially with zelda games. what they might do is just tease it at e3 next year, and then launch it for next christmas on wiiu along with the nx.

even if the NX does come out in 2017, i still think nintendo will launch their new zelda title on it on release. after all, its not exactly a secret that the wiiu is a dead horse, and they will want to rinse every penny out of zelda... what a perfect opportunity they will have at launch with the NX

Hereiamhereibe21786d ago

I know we would all prefer it to release on Wii U, but I feel like Nintendo needs to release each console with a Zelda game at launch to convince people to buy it. Or hopefully they are working on two zelda games right now and everyone can be happy.

BrandanT1786d ago

Quick question Monkeyman, how does "common sense" and anecdotal evidence prove useful to an argument for a company that oft-stays quiet on details and are incredibly known for surprise details and announcements?

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bass4g1786d ago

There are too many variables here. I think it all depends on when the NX will release, how similar in architechture it is to the wiiu and if a team at nintendo is working on the port how long they've been working on it. If the NX has a very different architecture to the wiiu (which it'll need to have for third party support) then it may take longer than a year to port zelda u, either way it would be a considerable amount of resources. So I think that IF the NX is the console people want it to be the most likely scenario is that we get a "zelda u remaster" a year into it's lifecycle to maximise the games sales and to push the console. That's assuming the NX releases next year. If the NX releases in 2017 than zelda u at launch may be a bit easier to achieve. There is another option though. They've stated that they will continue to make games for wiiu and 3ds after the NX launches. This may or may not be true but what if those wii u and 3ds games were all also available on the NX. Maybe the rumours about a unified nintendo platform similar to iOS are true. If so zelda u wouldn't be advertised as an NX game or a wii u game but an nOS game, one that could be played on multiple nintendo devices (the wiiu, the NX console and the NX handheld) with cross platform saves. In terms of getting people to buy into the concept zelda would be a pretty good way of doing it. That would still require that extra development time though, so again it really depends when/if nintendo started to port the game over and when the NX will release. TP really isn't good evidence either way as that game was ported to a system with incredibly similar architecture and very little extra power. The gamecube had already had an exclusive zelda game too, the wiiu is not in that position.

benji1011786d ago

I have a feeling the NX will not be power pc and I cannot see Nintendo putting a wii u inside the NX. So no BC.

shaw981786d ago

I have faith it will be great. Despite the split of the fanbase, Skyward sword is my favorite Zelda next to Majora's mask (and yes, I have thoroughly played all the other Zelda games to and loved them). The only problem I had with Skyward sword were the tutorials and Fi always bothering me telling me what to do. The linear was not bad as it had a ton of great variety and the motion controls were spot on. I actually hope they come back as an option to play in the next game.

The most important thing will be for them to make sure that the open world has stuff to do with a lot of variety, since it won't be linear like skyward sword, it will be harder to add such variety. So I am glad they are taking more time on the game and I look forward to what they make, whether they pull a "Skyward sword" or not.

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