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GamesRadar: 10 industry-shattering stolen exclusives

The biggest announcement at this year's E3 - that Final Fantasy XIII is going multiplatform - is about more than just a game being available to a wider audience. It's also a clear sign that the topography of the videogame industry has changed a little. While the 360 might not be doing so well in Japan, it's clear that Japanese companies are nevertheless taking Microsoft's console seriously - seriously enough to ditch their all-important exclusivity deals with Sony.

As significant as the FFXIII announcement is, it's hardly the first time a major, major title or series has given up its long-held ties to a single console and experimented with other platforms. And it's not the first time such a decision has had a profound effect on the industry and its fans, either. In fact, GamesRadar can think of a bunch of other examples of a "stolen" exclusive rocking the entire industry - here are the 10 best.

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Bombibomb3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

Notice how Microsoft just steals everything because they've got nothing of their own lol. How many 1st party companies do they have in comparison to Sony? Not much at all. Most of Sony's upcoming exclusive stuff is 1st party, unfortunately for M$. And now Square-Enix are trying to cover up the FACT that Microsoft bought FFXIII LMAO!! Instead of using that money to get their own exclusives they use it to make 3rd party PS3 games go multi-platform lol.

braydon6193784d ago

haha i agree... microsoft only knows how to throw money around.

Skadoosh3784d ago

1st parties, third parties, 8th parties, who cares man. The game could come out of their ass for all I care. The 360 is doing a wonderful job to take care of their fanbase. :)

DiabloRising3784d ago

Hell, MS is doing a great job taking care of fanbases of rival consoles as well, as long as they own a PC. I love playing Xbox 360 exclusives without actually needing to waste the money on an actual Xbox 360 console.

Gamers win, woot.

3784d ago
morganfell3784d ago

They should have spent that money on a title that is going to do something besides show the weaknesses of the 360. Because if you think the issues Id are having make waves, wait until they have to shove FF13 in a trash compactor to get it on a 360.

Also they bought into a franchise that is so closely tied to the Playstation name and won't generate the sales they had hoped. This is like the GTA DLC. MS is making moves that they hope will keep them from losing customers rather than implementing actions that help them gain customers. A defensive war in the console race is a losing position.

DiabloRising3784d ago

Weird. Spends $400 to play Mass Effect... or spend $50 to play Mass Effect. Superior version. With free DLC. Choices. Oh right, gotta have a video GAME now now now now now cuz MS says so and it makes me cool to have it now! Gotta have Too Human next, cuz MS says so, it'll make me hip now now now! Halo invented FPS! Gotta have a GAME for a HOBBY now! I'm glad you also lack a TV that has a PC connection with a tower next to it. Welcome to 1992. Running downstairs, lol. Nice touch.

And nah, I'm just a fan of good games. If you ever get into the industry, you realize how utterly stupid, pointless, and redundant 90% of game site talkbacks and message boards are. And biased websites like these with the continued Sony Hatorade are just icing on the cake. I have no love for MS, Sony, or Nintendo... but MS gets a free pass for putting out faulty hardware and buying multiplatform, and Nintendo gets a free ride for making nongames? Why do people bash Sony again? Considering they are workign to fixing their mistakes, and have the strongest first party dev studios, period. Nintendo has gone downhill in that realm, fast.

That and I can't sleep, and I'm bored. I gots no beef with you Skadoosh, just venting after a long week of testing. ;-)

mistertwoturbo3784d ago

Ah Skadoosh, now I know why you don't see any 360 fanboys.

Because you're one of them.

Skadoosh3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

So you think the GTA DC was a failure? Well I own both consoles and I picked up the 360 version just for that reason. And I'm sure their are others out there that made the same choice. If your talking about the game Rage how about waiting a year or 2 when that game comes out to make judgement. I'm sure they can remedy this with either an install or a couple of discs. No biggie.

HAHA, you think I'm a 360 fanboy? And please enlighten me why? I own both consoles but I play on my 360 more. I guess that makes me a fanboy? Silly kid.

mistertwoturbo3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

Yes you are. Because everything related to Sony, you hate. I understand that you can hate rabid PS3 fanboys because some of them annoy me too. But the sheer fact you said you don't see any 360 fanboy, is ridiculous. There's plenty of them everywhere and most of them are stuck in the Open zone for a reason.

And just because you own both consoles, does not make you any less of a 360 fanboy.

And I'm not a Kid, I'm 23 years old. How old are you huh?

003784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

Good thing you're supporting MS and giving them the money to keep buying exclusives.

juuken3784d ago

I agree.

They are some damn good have to give them that. Throw some money at ailing companies and they get the job done. Still can't seem to come up with their own IP's so far.

Sayai jin3784d ago

It's called business. It's not stealing. Right now if you are not going to be aggressive and do all what it takes to win, then one has to wonder why. In order to make, acquire, good games and a console it takes money and huge loads of it. It also takes creativity and innovation. All three companies have been doing this but MS has been doing the most acquiring. People say that MS is not creating their own good titles, but it is a matter of opinion. So we can agree to disagree on that one. What seems to be obvious is that MS is the newest company to the console arena so they missed out on years of great game series, but now they are making every effort to insure that 360 owners are getting some games that are house hold names. Try to spin it anyway you want, but simply MS is giving gamers what they want, games and a huge variety at that.

juuken3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

And no first party titles?

One has to wonder why Microsoft cannot invest in first party studios and come up with new IP's rather than using 3rd party titles consistently. Perhaps that's why Sony is focusing more on original ideas/IP's than to fight Microsoft for 3rd party titles.

They're making an effort alright...but will it win out in the end? It remains yet to be seen.

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DiabloRising3784d ago

Yawn. More flame bait from Gamesradar. The article should be titled "Mostly Games MS Paid To Have Go Multiplatform."

On a serious note, game development is getting more and more expensive,and it just makes good business sense to put the game on all consoles possible. The issue is when it compromises QUALITY in the name of PROFIT. If a game can be done well on both (DMC, CoD, Burnout) then go for it, let more GAMERS enjoy it!

Oh by the way, where is Ninja Gaiden going to PS3? Oh right, we can't talk about stuff like that. Whoops.Then again I guess its only fair. Why is this article mostly talking about PS franchise losing franchises to multiplatform? Because aside from Halo, the original XBox didn't have any heavy hitters like Final Fantasy WORTH "stealing."

mfwahwah3783d ago

Ninja Gaiden going to PS3? How about Ninja Gaiden started on Nintendo, then went to MS?

TheColbertinator3784d ago

Resident Evil 4 was the biggest shocker to me.I thought Gamecube owners had an exclusive in the bag and was announced for PS2.That announcement hurt badly for GC owners

Viktor E3784d ago

The Developers saw an opportunity to make Money on the most successful Videogame platform,that is,the Playstation 2.

Much like Bioshock and Eternal Sonata,former Console Exclusives,the Developers of both have realized the Playstation 3 is the Money making Platform,and the resources and time wasted for Xbox 360 development could have been spent on more important things,such as taking a Power Nap

TheMART3784d ago

Hahaha Nasim you're funny.

All the games you mentioned, have never been exclusives for example on the XBOX 1 and specific XBOX IP's. They were meant to be timed exclusives if you have a brain and look back.

Now on the other hand, real exclusives that came from the PS2 to this gen that made the jump from Playstation to XBOX are many:

Soul Calibur IV
Dynasty Warrior 6

Or even became 360 exclusive like Ace Combat 6

Too bad. You loose. Microsoft got REAL exclusives from Playstation (that were exclusives last gen also), PS got almost no real exclusives from XBOX 360.


TheColbertinator3784d ago

Viktor You misunderstood what I meant.I meant that console loyalty is sometimes a good thing.Resident Evil 4 reached its potential on the GC and should have stayed that way to accomodate the title.I had no problem with buying a GC which was a mere 100 bucks.

I think that games like Gears of War should be made to maximize the potential of the 360 while games like Final Fantasy XIII should maximize the potential of the PS3.Everybody knows that games are better when they are made for one console.

Ports on the other hand suck because they dont allow either console to take full advantage of their hardware.Resident Evil 4 was graphically impressive because it was made for GC.Then the port to PS2 was graphically weaker.Hell they rushed the port in 9 months

Ali_The_Brit3784d ago

MART aka POG, seriously man nobody even cares any more, we dont feel annoyed like with the other bots with you because your just like a cute nuisence, s'ok mart, let it out, your 360 will be back from repairs soon enough

JasonPC360PS3Wii3784d ago

You know the photo that was supposed to show The Mart and POG as the same was fake don't you? When whoever it was that faked it, chopped the e-mail and IP from POG's and tried to paste it at the end of The Mart's name. He forgot to match the blue link color of the e-mail and was a tad blurry. It wasn't bad, should have been and easy fake but the guy still f**ked it up.

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TheMART3784d ago

So curious about RARE

They said only half their team is working on announced games. Which obviously means the other half is working on sequels to their great IP's or new IP's.

My bets are on:

A next gen Conker and Killer Instinct


Kameo 2

XBOX 360 exclusives... NICE

TheColbertinator3784d ago

A new Conker would be good but I prefer that Rare make a sequel to Jet Force Gemini.That game ruled with crazy weapons

JasonPC360PS3Wii3784d ago

You should put a bet down on a new Perfect Dark, it's a sure win.

Nevermind I didn't say anything and I'm just making this sh*t up.

Viktor E3784d ago

Seeing as how the iPod has successfully annihilated Microsofts Entertainment division,I suppose Apple have got their revenge and will now proceed to eradicating the remaining Microsoft filth that is the Windows Operating System

TheMART3784d ago

Mmmhhhhh right... and Sony stole all their games from Nintendo

MGS even comes from MSX
Final Fantasy from Nintendo

Poor PS

STARS3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

Metal Gear SOLID does not come from MSX, Mart. Metal GEAR does, Metal Gear Solid originated on PSX. Every true Metal Gear Solid sequel from there appeared on a PlayStation console thereafter with a few ports to Game Cube and Xbox.

But you're right about Final Fantasy, that series originated on Nintendo.

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