1UP: Rhyhtm Heaven Gold Import Preview

Everyone walked away from E3 this year with pretty glowing impressions of the three-level English demo on display -- including 1UP. And rightfully so, as the first few microgames are excellent. In fact, the first full five-game tier (four unique games and a mashup stage) are top notch, with goofy fare about refueling robots and not looking like an ass in a lineup of goofy singers. As in the original Rhythm Heaven, all of the games are very much based on listening skills, and they can even be played with your eyes closed -- some games are even easier to get through based on the audio cues alone. The simplistic visuals are fun and effective, and the games are easy to get your head around after a few seconds of listening (after all, music is universal, man). Holding the DS book-style (sideways) and swiping at the touch screen (or tapping, in some instances) serves as the main control input.

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