'GTA IV' PC Box Shot

Here's the Box art for the PC version GTA IV arriving November 18th.

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Amanosenpai4353d ago

lol PC version came first than 360 dlc... thats just LOL

Bnet3434353d ago

I don't get why that is funny, care to explain.

reincarnated4353d ago

i hope the pc version doesnt have the framerate issues.. i mean it shouldnt its going to PC

Gish4353d ago

Havent put GTA4 in my console in months now... a box of the PC version is not doing much for me

uie4rhig4353d ago

its called mods and also the 'exclusive' Xbox 360 DLC on the PC version done by modders :)

IzKyD13314353d ago (Edited 4353d ago )

my GTA IV hasnt been in my console since June

potenquatro4353d ago

i play more gta on ps3 then mgs. i can't wait for pc version

jcgamer4353d ago

you need to finish it Gish and can take your time, no problem...but finish it... :)

"BE genetically different, baby!"

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freakyzeeky4353d ago

It looks the same as the console versions... :)

IzKyD13314353d ago

san andreas on the PC was the best version IMO, the modding in that was insane

4352d ago
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