Halo Reach Confirmed For Xbox One Backwards Compatibility; Listed On Xbox´s BC Frontpage

Halo Reach has been confirmed to be backwards compatible on the Xbox One, as the game has been listed on the official Xbox BC website.

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ABizzel11075d ago

I don't know why they just didn't remaster it. They remastered everyone other main series and ODST, why not wrap it up with Reach, unless they plan on doing it next year alongside Halo Wars to continue annualizing Halo.

VER1ON1075d ago

Basically because Reach isnt about the Master Chief. Its a prequel to the original Halo that revolves around Noble Team. The master chief collection revolves around the chief only.

spicelicka1075d ago

That reason was maybe for making the Masterchief collection. It doesn't preclude in anyway the possibility of a Reach remake. But they probably won't because of BC now.

Unspoken1074d ago

Master Chief was still in the game :)

Ah well, we still get to play the last amazing Halo game from Bungie.

rebeljoe141074d ago

technically Chief was in Reach because at the end it shows the Pillar of Autumn and chief was on it

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VER1ON1075d ago

@ ABizzel

ODST was only released out of compensation and because fans really wanted it to be released. 343's Bonnie Ross stated this herself. It wasn't planned to be released when they remastered the Masterchief Collection.

ABizzel11075d ago

ODST was only released out of compensation and because "fans really wanted it to be released."

Makes absolutely no sense considering Halo Reach was at the top of the list always for Backwards compatibility, so if any of them were to be remastered it would have been Reach over ODST.

slate911075d ago


Well it does make sense. Remastering out of compensation = not planned. If its not planned then there isnt a lot of development time to spare. Since there isnt a lot of development time to spare, they have to release a less content-rich game like ODST for free.

Obamacare1075d ago (Edited 1075d ago )

Ver1on is 100% correct. ODST was released out of compensation for the master chief collection's poor launch quality. A reach remaster could possibly still happen regardless of backwards compatibility. At least I have not seen anything say otherwise.

ABizzel11075d ago (Edited 1075d ago )

So we're going to sit here and say it took them only 6 months to decide to apologize to fans, and completely remaster Halo ODST, yet for some reason Reach was a choice.....


Ruffian games ported Halo ODST, so it had absolutely nothing to do with developer time to spare (and Halo 3 and Halo 4 in the MCC).

So once again Reach was excluded because....


I don't see why they wouldn't give Reach the remaster when every other main series Halo has been remastered for XBO, my guess it it's going to get an overhaul to the level of Halo 5 (as far as completely upgrading graphics, textures, etc.... instead of just 1080p @ 60fps, with better lighting and Tri / Quad texture bump).

Otherwise why not just bump it like all the other games.

TheCommentator1075d ago


ODST runs off the Halo 3 engine which was already remastered to run on XB1 so all they had to do was port the game code. Reach used a different engine so the engine and the game would both need porting to XB1. For a free game, ODST just made more sense because it was more economical.

ABizzel11075d ago


The Halo Reach engine was an enhanced and modified version of the Halo 3 / ODST engine, tweaked to make coding streamlined, better texture quality, simpler lighting algorithms, more AI and vehicles on screen, and more with less cost than the previous Halo 3 engine demanded.

The Halo Reach Engine was also the same engine used in Halo 4, so that makes that point completely irrelevant.

TheCommentator1075d ago

No. Halo 3/ODST engine was the same. They could do more with ODST because they were more familiar with it. The Halo Reach engine modified literally every component of the Halo 3 engine, which esentially made it a brand new engine. The Reach engine was further modified for the production of Halo 4, so Reach would not be as easy to remaster as ODST.

My original post still stands as accurate.

Monster_Tard1075d ago (Edited 1075d ago )


"So we're going to sit here and say it took them only 6 months to decide to apologize to fans, and completely remaster Halo ODST"

Well they didn't completely remaster it as they didn't include firefight, they didn't have to do any more work on multipalyer since it used Halo 3's multiplayer and like TheCommentator said it runs off Halo 3's engine, so I can see them completing it within 6 months.

ABizzel11075d ago

It took 2 years to port Halo 1, 2, 3, and 4 from 360 to XBO (6 months each if spread evenly). It's been a year since MCC, and almost 6 months since ODST remaster.

The excuses are becoming ignorant at this point. It's the ONLY game in the main series franchise to not be remastered for the XBO in 1080p @ 60fps. Just finish off the franchise.

The majority of the MCC was outsourced to 3rd party developer, why couldn't Reach, when there are MULTIPLE devs from 1st / 2nd / 3rd party that all work on Halo, it's map packs, DLC, and remasters?

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Bigpappy1075d ago

With BC, I don't see the need to remaster 360 games. They look good enough for anyone who needs to go back and play.

user99502791075d ago

IMO they need to gwt Reach's MP suite into the MCC. I thought Reach MP was amazing, deserves to be in there.

Jmanzare1075d ago

Phil Spencer said it's coming to xb1 via BC before it will be remastered

PhucSeeker1075d ago

ODST was Halo 3's expansion and only a campaign though. With Reach they will have to redo a full game with multiplayer as well, and we all know what a cluster crap MCC has already been.

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TheUberAsian1075d ago

So, how exactly does the Backward Compatibility work? Do we need the disc, do we need to pay?

slate911075d ago

A simple google search will find your answer. They have released countless articles and videos on it.

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mochachino1075d ago

How about a Reach Remaster. It's my favourite game in the series. Absolutely loved the single player but the graphics, or more specifically, that weird blur effect makes me not want to revisit it.

GearSkiN1075d ago

10years in sure 343 will do it

Obamacare1075d ago

I think reach was the best halo game ever made.

RiseofScorpio1074d ago

Exactly and the 360 playlists are very varied. No need to remaster it and ruin the playlists.

PhucSeeker1075d ago

Oh yes! Wouldn't say no to a full 1080p/60fps remaster of Reach with dedicated servers. But 30$ is the most i can give for the remaster.

ninsigma1075d ago

Excellent. Only one I haven't played except for 5 which I'll play during the week. I'll steal this one from a friend :D

NeoGamer2321075d ago

This is a dumb article. The Halo Reach box art has been on all of the BC pages since day one.

The game still does not appear in the BC list down below though and therefore this is not confirmation.

That said, MS has stated that they want Reach on BC, so I am sure it will be part of the announcement tomorrow.

Hold_It1075d ago

Major Nelson posted a picture of it installed on his harddrive in the Games/Apps section a couple weeks ago.

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