The 36 best PlayStation 2 games - PC Advisor

PC Advisor writes: "Even though the Playstation 2 is nearly 10 years old, it remains the best-selling console to date. Here's our round-up of the 36 must-have games that every PS2 owner will want to get their hands on."

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Miraak82 4347d ago

wasn'r this same list posted like not even a week ago

Miraak82 4347d ago

wasn't this same list posted like not even a week ago

Cenobia4347d ago

Yeah, I'm pretty sure this article was basically copy pasted from a different website. At least the list seems like it was.

Of course this website took all the pictures away and made it ten pages, which is just annoying.

big shadow4347d ago

I have 5 games from the list. Wooo WHoooo for me I guess

Sitdown4347d ago

God of War 1 and 2 should have been paired together. I got both games about a month and a half ago and played them back to back........what I liked about them is that it felt like they made this big game and divided it up into two titles. God of War 2 felt like a continuation of the first. While I enjoy Halo 1-3 and other FPS, I sort of dislike how for the sequels they just throw new weapons and powers in with no explanation....and even in prequels the character is more powerful than the original game.

TheColbertinator4347d ago

36 games? PS2 had too many good games to count.

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The story is too old to be commented.