Capcom censors R. Mika's Critical Art in latest Street Fighter V build

R.Mika's Critical Art is censored in the latest build of SFV. The camera has been altered to not show the infamous "butt slap", and combo no longer spreads opponents legs apart.

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Majin-vegeta2092d ago

That is dumb change it back.

HaveSumNuts2092d ago

Oh look, feminists ruining games again. Only thing that will truely piss me off is if they get to Cammys one piece.

timmyp532092d ago

Let's all pray for Laura's tits.

Yi-Long2092d ago

Yet another case of completely innecessary censorship...

Very disappointing.

X-232092d ago

I don't think these fake internet feminists of this day and age have anything to do with it. Japan doesn't care about what the SJW's etc have to say about anything. It was likely done to maintain a certain rating for the game.

Who gives a damn though. I say bring it back, it's hilarious.

breakpad2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

that s why we need people like KOjima ...which shos them a middle finger in the face making ultra sexy characters like Quiet and beast&beauty ...all the other devs look completely idiots censoring their own art expression for some uneducated minorities

Erik73572092d ago

Let's have a dude slap his ass in front of the camera too! Would tottaly not be wierd!!! /s

Epedemic2092d ago

Well, they did nerf's cammy's intro. Before it had a vag shot, now it's just a side shot of her leg.

frostypants2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

Militant feminism can be annoying, but if removing a butt slap actually ruins the game for you, you need to step back and re-evaluate. They removed a cartoon butt shot. Let's keep this in perspective.

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Geekman2092d ago

Not that I'm in favor of pointless changes, but I fail to see how this ruins the game.

Bimkoblerutso2092d ago


For the record, I am COMPLETELY against censorship (this case included), but it's kind of sad that the knee-jerk reaction gamers have to this ridiculous censorship is to romanticize developers who put stupid, juvenile panty / boob shots in their games.

Kojima is not a goddamned hero for sticking a camera up Quiet's crotch.

Mr Pumblechook2092d ago

This is what happens when you let speak on behalf of all gamers. They pressure developers with their politics and no other website has the courage to say 'Not In My Name.'

People have different tastes. The movie business has a variety of genres and the public vote with their wallets. The difference here is that this pressure has now changed Street Fighter V's animations despite it keeping with the tone of the series.

A person is entitled to not appreciate the representation of people in SFV, but their opinions should not outweigh the silent voices of the millions of people who do enjoy it.

DarXyde2092d ago

I'm pretty sure actual feminists wouldn't care, as long as there's a male equivalent so it's not only sexualizing a female character. I think dad bod Ryu has it covered.

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audiocafe2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

You basically summed up my feelings on this

pompombrum2092d ago

Personally thought it was dumb having them sex up the game in the first place but if you're going to have overly large bouncing boobies for like nearly the whole female cast, why bother censoring the butt slap?

PurpHerbison2092d ago

It honestly isn't "sexed" up that much at all. R.Mika is wearing almost the same exact costume from Alpha3, only thing missing is her heart shaped nipples. Chun has always been known for her thighs. Cammy has always been known for her ass. Looks like your average Street Fighter game to me.

LackTrue4K2092d ago

I'm curious if they apply the same logic, on the male characters.

just so the game is not sexual just towards women.

Hahaha "add some crotch parts from men! Lol

abstractel2092d ago

The same ratio of men are overly stylized to look "sexy" too in a "manly" way. How many guys have bodies like the street fighter guys? The one argument I would agree with is that women have been treated second place throughout most of history and still are (lower wages etc.), but I think it's dumb to censor these two segments.

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HonestDragon2091d ago

That does seem like a very obvious change. Makes me wonder the motives behind it. Still, there's just something about slapping the buttocks that some people thoroughly enjoy.

DittoHefner2091d ago

I won't buy censored products anymore. It's the principle of the matter.

AgentSmithPS42091d ago

Song - "We don't need no thought control..."
Censors leave them t**s alone!

nosferatuzodd2091d ago

You know what ? I really. Hate feminist I really do

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timmyp532092d ago

Booty Physics my friend... without the masculine females.

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KwietStorm_BLM2092d ago

All I saw was a girl with a long back.

WeAreLegion2092d ago

DoA characters are SOOOO generic.

UserNameIsNotTaken2092d ago

Ikr? No booty, No Pre-order :P

DarkBlood2092d ago

lol yeah, it was everything about that character that made me want to get the game but now it looks like they are changing the fundamentals.

Activemessiah2092d ago

Just in case some SJW gets offended of course... showing ass in game bad, but sleeping with journalists to promote your game good. we learn new things everyday.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart2092d ago

Don't say that on NeoGaf or else you will get attacked by hordes of SJW's and banned for sharing your opinion.

Dark_Overlord2092d ago

Who would want to join neogaf? It's a cess pit of hypocrisy and crap, made all the worse by the BS abuse of powers the mods use.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

@Dark_Overlord: Yea it is ridiculous. I went to a an article on there one time and it was about Anita Sarkeesian getting "harassed" on twitter and the people who were leaving comments with valid criticism which didn't have any bad language or any nastiness at all(which shouldn't matter anyways)were banned immediately. No dialogue, no rebuttal, no nothing just banning them. It's absurd. They have no ground to stand on so they abuse their power on their site to silence people. I can't believe this is allowed to go on honestly.

viperman2402092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

Not only that, but they are also pro pedophilia.

Buzz7S2092d ago

In regards to viperman240's comment:

" Not only that, they are pro pedophilia. "

Random post, of someone comparing hating paedophiles to racism.

The user was banned, but is no longer banned.

Here is a little "fun" one for you to investigate when you have a chance.

Opiate, who was an admin of the forum, he was demoted for arguing with an alleged victim of sexual abuse.

Well someone on an anti-NeoGAF sub on Voat, the same one which was nuked from reddit, this someone found some rather disturbing things linked to Opiate, one of them being photos uploaded of young children, linking to an account tied to this former admin. Nothing sexual, but put two and two together, it makes you feel sick to your stomach.

Then of course you have the sites owner who posted "revenge porn". There is also the drug addict who bashed his mother and scammed thousands of dollars from the site to support his drug habit.

NeoGAF is really something special. They promote the forum as a safe space, but the owner is scum, the mods cater to minorities (look for leaked PM discussion with besada)and a drugged up con artist is cheered when he tells members to F off. Oh, the druggy was also a mod who was demoted for editing posts to win an argument.


Activemessiah2092d ago

Yeah I realised recently that NeoGAf is 4chan's wet dream.

viperman2402092d ago

@Activemessiah Funnily enough its not. Neogaf is a laughing stock to them, due to their fanboyism and blatant censorship. If you don't toe the line you'll get banned.

@Buzz7S Thanks for that, that was interesting to read and doesn't surprise at all. What is it these people having such dark/messed up pasts/ For example the recent twitch stream Anita did, she had someone moderate her chat who was a convicted pedophile.

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sAVAge_bEaST2092d ago

"Hypocrisy is the mother of all Tyranny"

Slut Just Whores.. SJW

BG115792092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

Let's remove the Arab fighter while we are at it. Some US citizens will also get offended if he stays in the rooster!!
That's how ridiculous this is!!!!

Furesis2092d ago

ok let's not exaggerate here ok. it's not that big difference from the original one. hell i didnt even notice any difference at first lol had to look longer

WeAreLegion2092d ago

That typo makes your comment so much better.

Eamon2092d ago

lol silly comment.

Capcom didn't remove the stuff because of people taking offence. They likely got a preliminary rating from ESRB and felt it was too high. So they got rid of those stuff to lower the rating and thus increase potential sales with younger audience.

Street Fighter V isn't just intended for US consumers. It's intended for an international audience. I wonder why you think having an "Arab fighter" may be offensive in the first place... (I'm not from the US)

Majin-vegeta2092d ago

He was actually being sarcastic about the arab fighter.But people still to this day get butthurt over stuff like that cuz of 9/11 *Rolls eyes*

But yes you're right originally SF 5 got an ESRB of "Mature" so im guessing thats why they took it out to lower it to teen,

Blacklash932092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

I agree. Capcom probably wanted to ensure a T rating like SFIV had. Those suggestive shots, especially since they're repeated over and over in the game, may have been a little too much for the ESRB's tastes to earn less than an M rating.

This point may fly over the heads of some, though. Many care more about victimizing themselves and being offended at the mere suspicion of political correctness and SJWs; more than objectively considering the factors that led up to these decisions.

N4g_null2092d ago

It's not and a certain fighting force is a lot of more of a European problem than the states. I'm sure we have a surprising amount arabs in our armed forces and transportation sectors than most of europe. It's also not ok to call them arabs, they have separate cultures.

I'm sure it was the ESRB rating, because we all know kids are buying the ps4. This might even get patched in the pc version... who knows but it's a none issue, just slow news day.