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With fun 4-player co-op, new powers, and a fleshed out Zombies mode, Black Ops 3 is the biggest Call of Duty game yet.

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-Foxtrot2169d ago

Woah...totally didn't see this one coming.


Eiyuuou2168d ago

I'm looking for that "sponsored by Activison" fine print.

APexGamer452168d ago

IGN actually gave very similar score as Halo 5 for example.

Way they scored was not out of norm for this game.

Halo 5 has 85 Metascore and IGN gave 9
BO3 has 84 metascore and IGN gave 9.2

maybe it is a decent game?

KurtRussell2168d ago

Actually Activision is really glad IGN is full of tards who are too limited to understand what makes a good game. No payment needed.

b3ast2168d ago

Well its better than halo 5 single player haven't played online yet

DafunkyRebel2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

Its actually really good, really interesting story line that follows the story of BO2 after Raul Mendez fuk everything up, plus the zombie nightmare story mode after you beat the campaign is a huge plus. MP is amazing again like the old days

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DragoonsScaleLegends2168d ago

Well since they overrated Advance Warfare so much and this game is much better, it wouldn't make since to give it a lower score than Advance Warfare.

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lelo2play2169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

Oh IGN... how predictable! Expect you guys got very well paid by Activision.

Eamon2168d ago

Hope you're being sarcastic.

Look at the massive BO3 ads on the site. And the fact IGN has rarely given COD a score less than 9 despite the fact it's nearly always a rehashed game.

This has been the problem with major AAA franchises as of the last couple of years, especially COD. It's like reviewers set up a boundary of 8.0 that it cannot go below. And for the COD series, that boundary is 9.0

Even Halo 5 doesn't deserve to be in the 9.0 boundary. Though it's definitely better than BO3.

MasterCornholio2168d ago

"Look at the massive BO3 ads on the site."

GameSpot had CODBO3 ads as well and they gave it a 7.


maniacmayhem2168d ago

Well a good number of people claim that Polygon is paid off, so why is it so hard to believe that IGN might be also?

SolidStoner2168d ago

its obvious that "Ignorants" are somehow connected to Activision because its impossible to score 9.2 for a game that looks worse than ever before.. and they on purpose use fake future stuff, so there is no possibility to do something wrong since its all SCI FI, with jumps!

this milking program fails hard!

Eamon2168d ago

@MasterCornholio, I didn't notice much BO3 ads on Gamespot. If there are any, it's not overly massive in your face like IGN.

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sactownlawyer9162168d ago

So did ms pay for the halo review as well?

lelo2play2168d ago

How naive can you be?

Don't you think big companies pay-off for favourable reviews, and yes, include Microsoft and Sony in those big companies?

Don't tell me you still believe in Santa Clause and the Easter bunny?

Poshgit2168d ago

About 95% of IGNs reviews for Xbox one games are way above metacritic scores.

nyckrazy2168d ago

You guys are crazy. The most Hyped game of this generation Published By ACTIVISION Got a disappointing 7.8 score over at ign. That game is called DESTINY. Dont assume someone is getting paid under the table because of a high score.

kaizokuspy2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

Right bc the story was bad nonexistent. Now tell me why iGn didn't lower the score with halo 5 when the story too was also bad? Bc it's a biased review.

Edited autocorrect phone stuff

CamBulls122169d ago

LMAO never change IGN, never change.

d_g2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

yeah that looks suspicious

if you look at their other reviews you’ll see even the games that had 9 score have at least one single negative point

Black0ut2168d ago

Yeah exactly. Shouldn't there be a couple negatives considering the game isn't a perfect score? I dunno about that.

Aloy-Boyfriend2168d ago

Games can be 10/10 with negative points, and Games can be 9/10 with no negatives. Games aren't perfect. Review scores aren't math.

Crashbandicoot772168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

I think it's because it got a higher score than Halo 5. Everyone shocked

iistuii2168d ago

P2p in 2015, not connected to COD servers issues, framerate drops in SP, crap story, but that's ok cause story doesn't matter in COD, there's a few negatives that they didn't mention