Ace Games Review: Nyko PS3 Dual Charger AC

Ace Games writes: "I have to admit - there is something truly annoying about being forced to leave a console on just to charge a controller. Most of the time after a gaming session, all I want to do is plug in my controllers and not have to worry about them until the next time I play, be it a few hours or a few days later. Thankfully, Nyko have released a few products to attempt to remedy this Sony blunder, with the Dual Charger AC being one of them. It might not be that solid in design, but it is hard to argue with results."

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The Wood3750d ago

just plug your pads into that or use any Motorola phone or headset charger

Mr_Showtime13750d ago

get yourself a USB cable extender for pennies and just charge while playing, personally I cant stand leaving my xbox to charge my pad because the fan is just whineing away in the background

Sarick3749d ago

I have A PS3 for entertainment in the family room. We had a few issues because the PS3 wasn't always running the batteries where never freshened and had to be plugged in while playing after about a month.

The problems with tripping over these cables. Also the cats kept chewing wires up so we decided an external charger was needed to keep the system cordless after months of inactivaty.

Works great if my nephew spends the night he won't need to charge through the ps3 because this keeps'em topped off.