Luna the two-year-old gamer

My daughter is two-years-old and I can already see my hobby in gaming rubbing off on her. Just to be clear, I’ve never pressured Luna (that’s her name) into liking games but I for one am completely shocked at how much she’s picked up, how much characters matter to her and how much simplicity is paramount to her enjoyment.
She’s no gaming expert, but she knows how to make a character jump and she knows that the left stick makes her character move. Instead of writing my usual depress-athon I thought I’d share the first two years of Luna’s gaming life:

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Kribwalker2095d ago

My older boys are both gamers (9/14) my 18 month old loves when I play banjo kazooie. She grabs an extra controller and plays along with it, and when I let her she moves my character around and stuff, I can see her playing games in the future