The Top 15 RPG Cliché's That Need to Die

While they may be timeless, RPGs are far from perfect, and there are several clich és that have slipped into the genre over many generations that now threaten to kill the experience. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but hopefully it will get the ball rolling.

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RadientFlux3723d ago

Reason #1 is why I end up disliking the story in most JRPGS

hay3723d ago

I share your pain man. Couldn't play most of jRPGs cause of it, as an old and grumpy man I see 15 years old kids saving the world pretty ridiculous.
Most of those games are for young people that's why main protagonists are often SO young.

Captain Tuttle3722d ago

I with you guys on this one. It's the main reason I stay away from JRPG's. Of course, there are other reasons too but this one is a big issue with me.

PS360WII3723d ago

Most of these top reasons to hate x genre are written up by people who didn't care for the genre in the first place :( ah well I still like my RPGs specially jrpgs

RadientFlux3723d ago

I love RPGs as well and occasionally JRPGs as well. I just wish there was more variety when it comes to the main character sometimes. Of course there are exceptions but I guess having an angry teenager as your hero helps the sales numbers.

PS360WII3723d ago

heh yeah the teen angst gets used a bit much

Gamekilla3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

the only jrpg i have ever played is ffx (it was really good) and i can relate to all of the cliches....


..........good list btw

Ace Killa 083723d ago

number 11 is the one for me, i honestly ask myself when a boss seems impossible, am i actually suppose to lose? and then i try and yes i am suppose to lose. then i get the ones in which no your suppose to defeat the boss then i cry

games4fun3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

i'm catching up on Rpg and i am currently playing legend of dragoon for ps1.

in disc 1: there is a person you have to beat by choosing the right phrase and cannot kill,

in disc 2: there is lloyd i fight him in the arena and fought him for about 10 min and realized i'm supposed to just die

disc 3: I fight lloyd again he has an instant kill move so i just let myself die, surprise you have to win this time and use an amulet that blocks instant death for one character that you could have gotten rid of at anytime good thing i kept it i dont even remember how i got it i think i bought it in a shop or something

LOD is a great game anyway but that last part was frustrating also you cant backtrack and enter old towns because it uses multiple disk and when i put in the disk required to go to that town it doesnt load.

LOD allows the characters your not using to gain xp too only at a slower rate why dont other rpg's do that its from the ps1 cmon

Ace Killa 083723d ago

so many time i thought i should of died when i fought dragons and other things, but im suppose to defeat them !! : )

X3723d ago

I absolutly hate these. I remember when I had star ocean the second story on PS1. I was so hell bent on beating Dias in the tournement, only to find out that I couldn't win. Needless to say I was pretty ticked off.

games4fun3723d ago

now that is the annoying one i go through all these annoying things and i cant cast poison on him for a change?

the only game that kind of did it right was FFVII some of the lower mini bosses could be affected but the OP bosses couldnt but at least bio 3 did something

iamtehpwn3723d ago

Did an even better job than FFVII at Boss-status immunity.

FFX...I loved that game. =|
As Did I luvvvvv FFVII.

X3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

I still love the fact that in final fantasy VI you can kill the doomtrain with a phoenix down.

devilhunterx3723d ago

I really hate RPGs where you have a "no name makeup your own gender face race etc" character.

games4fun3723d ago

whenever i try to use those things the character alway looks like crap and its the fault of thier design tool usually i just pick the stock character because that's about as good as it gets anyway

Tony240ZT3723d ago

This is why I have a difficult time getting into some of the 8 bit RPGs. I think it's important for the character to have a past. I don't even like naming my characters.

ianp6223722d ago

Not all 8-bit RPGs are like that. You need to play Final Fantasy VI. Some of the best characters in an RPG there, with few cliches.

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