Online Service Claims PS3 Stocks 'Good'

A service called, which tracks product stock levels among online retailers says it has been surprised at the amount of availability of PS3 online.
Ian Drake, the head of NotifyWire said, "I wasn't expecting this much volume before Christmas. I think we're already at the point where many people won't pay a premium for the console or be forced into buying bundles."

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Silver3605259d ago

Ps3 sales are slowing down already compared to 360 sales last year at this time. But to them this means nothing.These people just don't understand people don't have $600 to spend on a video game console. Shoot my friend can't even get a Wii much less a Ps3 people have kids to feed and $600 is some much needed dinners. I tell you next gen sales all around will slow down after fanboys have got theirs. The prices have to drop below $200 to get the kind of ps2 market penetration.

Maddens Raiders5259d ago

did say that US targets would be met with at least 2 million units shipped worldwide at close of business 2006 and 6 million shipped worldwide by end of March '07. Naysayers wanted to jump on the hater bandwagaon stating that it could never be done and that these were just factory "ship dates" and not actually delivered product p.o.'s. Well, the bottleneck in blue laser diode production has ceased (how long did you think it would last?) and the PS3 is becoming more and more available which is really good news for people sseking a PS3 this x-mas and takes away the stigma of the PS3's legendary high price. I feel sorry for the people that took the plunge and paid 100-200% higher than MSRP, but the fact that this unit is available and more are being shipped as promised, is finally a good sign for SNE's manufacturing arm.

MicroGamer5259d ago (Edited 5259d ago )

SHIPPED is not the same thing as SOLD THROUGH. Sony may be able to SHIP 2 million units by the end of the year, but if those units gather dust in warehouses and on store shelves, what good are they??

Maddens Raiders5259d ago

pessimistic there Micro. Why would they "sit" on store shelves and "gather dust" in warehouses when they're being shipped to be sold? I mean that is the simple point, right? Do you have a crystal ball in your room or are you a true clairvoyant? DO you not realize that as long as the product is shipped before midnight 13/31/06 on U.S. docks is counted until that time for the books in '06. The deposit checks aren't due back to the investors until 3/15/07. So as long as they're on the boat and they hit target thats what they're SPOST to do.

MikeMichaels5259d ago (Edited 5259d ago )

When you can't find it at a store.

...."Sony sucks. They can't even make PS3's blah blah blah."

Systems start arriving in stores. As Sony recently promised, and now.

..."Hahahah, their in stock, nobody wants one, PS3 sucks, blah blah."

Do you fangirls even listen to yourselfs.

Maldread5259d ago

couldn`t have said it better myself.

VirtualGamer5259d ago (Edited 5259d ago )

I went to and in their last 15 alerts there where 4 for the PS3 all of which are now sold out. PS3 Customer's Choice Bundle
Dec 14 2 Hours, 58 Min. SOLD OUT PS3 Customer's Choice Bundle
Dec 15 40 Min, 43 Sec. SOLD OUT PlayStation 3 Bundle - 20 GB
Dec 18 14 Hours, 25 Min. SOLD OUT PlayStation 3 Bundle - 60 GB
Dec 18 55 Min, 54 Sec. SOLD OUT

So the idea that their are all these sites that have PS3 available for sale and they are not selling is not really true if you actually look into it.

testerg355259d ago

If you read the article here " it does state that PS3 sales are not as good as 360 sales of last year.

wildcat5259d ago

Drake says PS3 is more readily available than Xbox 360 was this time last year. "Last year we tracked several one thousand dollar Xbox 360 bundles which would sell out in less than two minutes after becoming available. Just today, a one thousand dollar PS3 bundle was in stock at for over 12 hours. This sort of thing didn't happen with the Xbox 360 until well after Christmas."

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