Original Crackdown on the List for Future Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Games

If you’re wondering whether the original Crackdown will be playable on Xbox One via Xbox 360 backwards compatibility, wonder no more.

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gangsta_red2382d ago

Why not both? I know part 2 wasn't as good as 1 but it should be at least on the list.

HaydenJameSmith2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

I'm sure all first party games will get added eventually if not all at launch next week. I want to see Red Dead, Stick of Truth and Mass Effect 2/3... among others but they'd do me for now.


Oh yeah, Dragon's Dogma that's a good one... I'd love to revisit that game. Arkham Asylum and City would be a welcome addition too. Big fan of those games.

gangsta_red2382d ago

Give me Sonic Transform Racing and Dragon's Dogma

Rearden2382d ago

The original Crackdown was the Xbox 360 game I spent playing the most. I just got it for the Halo beta, but ended up playing it 10X more than Halo.

Crackdown 1 was awesome.

curtis922382d ago

does it come with the halo 3 beta? Since that's why 90% of us bought the first one in the first place. :)

christocolus2382d ago

Nice. cant wait for the Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon announcements...also add Stick of truth to that list.

user99502792382d ago

This is a list I would be extremely interested in seeing. Hope to god Full House Poker is on there. That's really all I want.

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The story is too old to be commented.