160° Exclusive: Infamous Direct-Feed Gameplay (HD) writes: "Infamous, from Sucker Punch and Sony Computer Entertainment, takes open-world action to the next level on the PlayStation 3."

HD at source. SD embedded below.

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WhittO3727d ago

is really looking like it will be great, since we know it is getting "blockbuster marketing budget" from Sony, they must also think its going to be a big hit.

It has (from what we have seen) great graphics, great story and great gameplay and we havent even been shown much of the game.

Bombibomb3727d ago

The person that's playing sucks so much.

hardmetal3727d ago

Infamous will be marketed as a super hero's game.

hazeblaze3727d ago

Man, it would really be great if this and GOWIII came out in back to back months. I really wish we'd been given more info on the release of GOWIII at E3! Assuming it makes it in 2009, the PS3 is poised to have another killer year in 09.

PoSTedUP3727d ago

another killer quality game for the ps3??? why am i not surprised...

their is soo many quality titles coming out for the ps3 i almost forgot about this game.

this game looks pretty crazy.

juuken3726d ago

I like the look of the game so far. I mean having powers like that is just kick ass.

Bubble Buddy3726d ago

As the Emperor says: POWER! UNLIMITED POWER!!!!!!!

SixTwoTwo3726d ago

After seeing this at E3 it shot past Killzone 2 as my most anticipated PS3 game.

bpac1234567893726d ago

The game does look great i wasn't hyped for it before but i might have changed my mind and will definitely consider buying it based on user reviews(not website reviews).

shazam3726d ago

this has a crap load of particles. thats more particles than any game in existence. look how many sparks bounce around. there's hundreds of them on screen at once.

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TheWickedOne3727d ago

Yeah the more I see it the more I want it.

kai_h3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

The graphics look amazing. The only area it would need improving would be the textures on the cars, however, all in all, it looks very nice. I even think it is going to (maybe) surpass the graphics in GTA IV.

The climbing animations are great as well. Did you see him jump off the train and onto the slanted stair railing? Whoa!

The only things that need to be tweaked are only three things:

1) Bits of the camera (such as when it collides with objects and when the camera is trying to go into a wall).

2) Aiming.

3) Ragdolls and animations for the civilians. The ones for the main character are superb though.

King_many_layers3727d ago

I highly doubt that GTA is going to be very difficult to surpass graphically. Sony Studios know their system better than anybody else ( I would atleast hope ) so I don't think there's any doubt of it looking better. The lighting is showing off the sony flare allready. They really have got lighting cracked down in their games.

Looks like the kind of open world game I've been waiting for.

CViper3727d ago

I've already seen more going on screen, with less frame stuttering than GTA4.

I just want to see how far a sandbox ps3 game can go.

shazam3726d ago

and its 720p (not 630p or whatever like gta4)

IzKyD13313727d ago

i hope cole gets more powers throughout the game then just electricity, fire comes to mind

WhittO3727d ago

i remember watching an interview and they said electricity is his only power, but that they will be using it in loads of ways, from what i have seen they have alot of things they can do with it, not to mention the climbing everywhere and bombing on cars lol.

INehalemEXI3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

A Raiden (MK) outfit would be a sweet bonus costume. Or one of them dudes from big trouble in little china.

THC CELL3727d ago

still needs a bit of work with the cam and ai and polishing
i see this game been fun

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