Xenoblade Chronicles X - European File Size

Xenoblade Chronicles X European file size is 20 GB.

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superchiller1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

Sad that the Wii U "Deluxe" (32gb) console can barely even hold this one single game. With only 25gb of usable storage before loading any games, Xenoblade X would take up 80% of the storage, leaving almost no remaining space.

Nintendo really didn't think through the design of the Wii U, when they set the internal storage amounts so low. And unfortunately, this design decision means that digital sales of games are much worse than they would have been, with so little space available to store games. Going cheap on specs like storage and RAM has really hurt them, in the end.

Hopefully for the NX, they'll be more generous with the internal storage; they really need to put more thought into the specs of their consoles, to make them better able to compete.

iplay1up21779d ago

That is why Wii U allows you to use pretty much ANY storage device you want. I have had a TB HD for my Wii U for over a year. It was $50. So what is there to complain about. My HD is smaller than a wallet.

marloc_x1779d ago

I really do appreciate how easy Nintendo made it for me to upgrade my memory.

"Not thinking", would be be harsh, anti-consumer proprietary memory for the device..

superchiller1779d ago

Unfortunately, there is no way to upgrade the Wii U's memory, that is yet another area where the console falls way short. Nintendo only included a tiny 2gb of RAM, of which only 1gb is available for games. It really seems like they cut the base console specs way down, to accommodate the high cost of the gamepad.

Ck1x1779d ago

Why do you even continue nonsense like this. Yes hopefully the NX comes equipped with a much lager drive, say 2-3tb. But both the XbOne and PS4 need external drives after 6-8 game install, so your statement is very hypocritical because you never say anything about those drives being to small...

superchiller1779d ago

500gb in the PS4 and XB1 (with 1tb versions available) is far, far more than the paltry 32gb that Nintendo included in the Wii U. Trying to say that the PS4 and XB1 fall short in that area is just making excuses for Nintendo's inadequate design, and very sad.

Segata1779d ago

Yeah I have a 500Gb external HDD on my Wii U I had lying around. It's not an issue. My 500GB PS4 is already running out of space with these 40GB installs. I cannot hook up a external HDD to it so really my PS4 has more a space issue. Didn't know until much later I could upgrade it but why should I spend another 80 dollars when I spent 400 already. Still don't like the idea of opening up my PS4 tho. Nintendo made it clear before launch I can hook up to 2TB.

deafdani1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

The PS4 requires you to completely install all of its games to play them. Many of them are 40 GB in size or more, with many of them receiving patches that add even more GBs to the hard drive. With that in mind, 500 GB of space won't cut it... Even 1 terabyte won't be enough for many gamers in a few years unless they delete stuff.

On the Wii U, none of this applies, so it just doesn't need as much storage.

To sum it up: PS4's storage solution isn't really better. It can be argued it's actually worse, because once your hard drive fills up, you can change it for one bigger... But the original drive goes to waste. On my Wii U, my 2 TB hard drive will be more than enough for its lifetime. And, even in the (pretty much impossible) scenario that I fill that drive up, I can just add another... And keep using the original.

But whatever, keep posting those hateful and biased posts of yours, Chiller. Don't waste any chance to crap on Nintendo... As usual.

Oh, and before you say I'm making excuses... I own both systems. You don't.

Segata1779d ago

The way the Wii U is designed having more Ram isn't as big a deal so shut up. XCX alone proves it. Hell Zelda U proves it.

Ck1x1779d ago

Nobody is making excuses for the WiiU storage but you obviously don't own the system to know that you can download more WiiU titles to the WiiU storage than most can put on the PS4 and XbOne hard drives...

What will be even better than Nintendo just including a 3-5tb hard drive is if they come up with a storage medium for the NX that has fast enough read times to not need to have mandatory installs. This is the major problem plaguing the current generation of systems.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

It's impressive that they managed to fit a world that huge into 20GB of space.

The original game on the Wii, all areas included, was about the same size as Skyrim. Fallout 4 is reported to be roughly Skyrim's size as well.

Xeno X is reported to be roughly 5X the size of the original Xenoblade.
That makes it functionally larger than both Skyrim and FO4, and it's packed to bursting with content as well.

The number crunchers at Nintendo really out-did themselves on this one.

I'd say this is probably the biggest RPG of the year on any console. It's a shame Wii U haters will miss out due to their loyalties.

It's a good thing Nintendo had the foresight to equip the Wii U with external storage compatibility. I doubt there's many out there these days that do not use an external HDD for their consoles, so lacking that really would have killed the system with its small native memory.
Thankfully, this pretty much off-sets that otherwise-critical flaw. I'm betting that they'll put more memory in the NX, though, just to shut certain people up.

Segata1779d ago

There is still a optional 10GB patch as well.

Segata1779d ago

XB on Wii was twice the size of Skyrim.

Skyrim is 15 Square miles.
XB is 30
XCX 154 as it's 5X the size. 400 Square KM which is 154 SM.

franwex1779d ago

I have the limited edition preordered which is physical, though I heard performance wise digital is superior. This game will be HUGE! I'm almost scared, not sure if I'll be able to finish it!

Kos-Mos1779d ago

Since MGSV failed, I'm quite certain this game will be game of the year seen from an objective standpoint.
Bloodborne will definitely take the second spot.

RPGrinder1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

Big awesome game. Is easily GOTY