Best 7.1 Surround Sound Xbox One Gaming Headsets

Game Idealist takes a look at the the best 7.1 Surround Sound Xbox One gaming headsets to purchase.

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Bimkoblerutso1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

I would never recommend spending extra to get 7.1 headsets. More drivers means smaller drivers means inferior sound. The minimal soundstage advantage that you get from having extra drivers positioned around a tiny earcup can easily be offset by some of the surround sound software out these days like Direct3D and Xaudio. You can get VERY similar results with stereo headphones coupled with surround sound software, but with much, much better fidelity.

Personally, I think the best possible solution for gaming right now is to get a high quality set of stereo headphones with a 1/8" detachable cable (like the NAD HP50, Mr. Speakers Mad Dog, or V-Moda M100/XS), and then the V-moda Boom Pro.

maulberto31734d ago

Hey hi, I'm tryng to get myself a brand new headset, but there are too many out in the market! Could you help me a bit?

So, I want one that, not only works top-notch for Xbox One and PC gaming, but for receivers and mobile phones as well.

Any suggestion?

Kingdomcome2471734d ago

Following this as mine gave up the ghost on me.

Bimkoblerutso1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Again, I HIGHLY recommend avoiding the"GAMING-centric" companies like Turtle Beach and Astro. Not that they're terrible and you're instantly going to cringe when you hear them, but you can get much better quality and versatility for the same price or less. The beauty of a device like the Boom Pro is the flexibility of it. With my Oppo PM3's and the Boom Pro, I can use it as a headset on my phone, PS4 and PC, and then use the regular 1/8" cable when I just want to use them for music and single-player gaming.

If you're dead set on getting a "gaming headset" for whatever reason, then Turtle Beach seems to be the go-to for the more casual set-ups and Astro (with the mixamp) seems to be what most of the more professional level players use. Though with all the "gaming" brands, competitive gaming is all they're going to be half-way decent at doing. Just know that going in.

Rob Hornecker1734d ago

I have owned many headsets over the years. my favorite headset thus far has been the turtle beach 500ex turd-o-dooty edition for my xb 360. When I bought my xb1 I decided to get the 500x wireless tb's for it Needless to say they sound and set up for them were excellent, but the head band fell apart with in 6 months of use!

I am considering replacing them with the 700 x,but not if they fall apart like the 500's have. And I'm very gentle with my gaming stuff as almost to a fault.

I will be boxing up whats left of the 500s and shipping them back to turtle beach!

As it stands now for a headset,I'm using the afterglow AG9's. They may not be 7.1,but they are wireless,sound great,and didn't cost $300.00!!!